Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amp
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Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amp

by VOX
The Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amp delivers a stage-ready amplifier, with boasted amp emulation, Nutube circuit capabilities, and a pl..

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The Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amp delivers a stage-ready amplifier, with boasted amp emulation, Nutube circuit capabilities, and a plethora of guitar effects all in one perfect package.

Virtual Element Technology

Using the most up-to-date engineering, this amplifier uses Virtual Element Technology (VET) modeling mechanics to produce and deliver the best sounds and tones for the guitarist, whether they're at home, in the studio or on stage.

This Vox amp offers the musician eleven different famous amp models, including the VOX sounds, refined and perfected, so that the player can change the amp colouring, depending on their preferences, for the home, stage or studio.

Constructed with an open back cabinet pushing 50 watts of power through a Celestion VX12 12" Speaker, this Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Amp delivers a clear crisp tone.

Nutube technology creates a tube-like simulation so that the distortions, amp output and overall tonal richness has that tube flavour and ambience that guitarists crave in an affordable package.

Vox Cambridge 50 Key Features:

  • VET modeling technology delivers fantastic sound quality, both in colour and ambiance
  • As well as the familar VOX sounds, a wide-range of high gain and other amp models are provided
  • Eight types of effects
  • Modulation and delay/reverb can be used simultaneously
  • Open back cabinet and a Celetion 12" Speaker produce a clear crisp output
  • Preamp circuit equipped with Nutube delivering the tone and richness a classic tube amp

Eleven Amp Models

The Virtual Element Technology (VET) adds a level of amp realism to the Cambridge 50. In addition the circuit has been re-engineered so that the amp responds to the wooden cabinet and Celestion 12" speaker offering a more tonal resonance.

As well as the classic AC30, this one package delivers a plethora of modern hi gain, classic and boutique amplifiers.

Eight Effects

The Vox Cambridge 50 features a bountiful selection of effects for developing the guitarists sound and vision.

The modulation and delay/reverb can be used at the same time, each with four different types, giving the player a total of eight usable effects shaping and colouring tone, perfect for home, studio or stage.

A tap tempo feature is installed to regulate and control delay time and other parameters

Nutube Technology

The Vox Cambridge 50 features a Nutube, a new type of amplifier tube. Delivering electro luminescent technology with the same design as a standard tube.

Offering distortion and compression that you would find from a classic tube amplifier, the Nutube also features the response and playing feel making this an extremely versatile unit.

The Nutube has impeciable reliabilty compared to standard tubes, giving the user greater confidence in the amp over a classic tube amp.

Support features

The Vox Cambridge 50 comes with a load of extra support features such as built-in tuner, AUX input for an extrenal input source, a headphone/line in socket with cabinet simulator, ideal for home practice or recording, a preset mode which lets you recall your amp-ready sounds and a manual mode that applies to knob positions like a regular guitar amplifier.

USB ready with Toneroom Editor/Libarian Software

The Cambridge 50 has a USB slot for hooking up the amp to a computer ideal for recording at home. The unit also comes with Toneroom Editor/Libarian software which allows you to access tones that aren't installed into the amplifier

Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amp Specs:

  • VET (Virtual Elements Technology) delivers stunning sound quality
  • Nutube Tube Technology
  • 11 High Quality Amp Models
  • 8 Effects
  • Tone Room editor/librarian lets you customize the amps and effects
  • 12" Celestion VX12 Speaker
  • Open Back Cabinet
  • In Built Tuner, AUX Input, Headphone/Line in, Preset mode, Manual Mode
  • Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume and Power Level Knobs


Weight (kg)10.0000

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