Vox AC15C1 Valve Combo Amp, White Bronco
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Vox AC15C1 Valve Combo Amp, White Bronco Vox AC15C1 Valve Combo Amp, White Bronco

Vox AC15C1 Valve Combo Amp, White Bronco

by VOX
The AC15C1-WB introduces a new custom colour model; “White Bronco” to the classic VOX AC15C1 valve combo guitar amplifier. AC15 Custom A..

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The AC15C1-WB introduces a new custom colour model; “White Bronco” to the classic VOX AC15C1 valve combo guitar amplifier.

AC15 Custom All Valve Guitar Amp

New Look for 2017

The VOX AC15 combo amp is an absolute icon in the world of rock music and is known as being the engine that powered the 1960s “British Invasion”. Based on the classic VOX amp design, the Custom Series brings a number of modern enhancements to deliver the most versatile AC15 design yet.

VOX amps, their sound and their image are simply legendary so when coming up with a new look for the VOX AC15C1 it was decided that the iconic diamond pattern speaker cloth must stay but be accented by the great, new White Bronco covering.

Inspired by custom colour models of the 1960s, guitar enthusiasts will love the new sophisticated design. The classic diamond grille cloth beautifully contrasting with the vivid White of the amplifiers the VOX AC15C1-WB looks as unique as its classic tone sounds.

Classic All-Valve Tone

The VOX AC15C1 amp has two channels; Normal and Top Boost. Each channel is supported by individual Volume controls while the Top Boost channel gives you further tone options with Treble and Bass controls. The combination of these two channels allows you to produce some classic sounds while carving out your own sonic identity.

The Master section adds further audio control. A Tone Cut controls affecting both channels operate in the power stage as opposed to the preamp stage to allow for further tone-shaping.

A Master Volume control, working together with the individual channel volumes, allows you to achieve the perfect level of gain-staging. Adjustment of the individual and Master volume controls of the AC15C1 White Bronco can take you from a classic clean sound to a dirty, powerful overdrive sound.

Developed in the 1960s and favoured by guitar virtuosos such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, a single Celestion G12M Creamback ceramic magnet guitar speaker drive the VOX AC15 Custom Series amp. Designed for increased power handling giving them low end grunt, warm and vocal mid-range frequencies, crunchy upper mids and clear, refined highs.

Versatile Effects

Add further dynamic layers to your sound with the onboard effects that give you professional level sound and open your performance up to worlds of new possibilities.

With adjustable speed and depth, a built-in Tremolo effect allows you to get your perfect level of tremolo to accent your playing. A warm Spring Reverb with tone control adds an authentic spaciousness enhancing your sound.  As with all VOX AC15 Custom amps, the VOX AC15C1-WB is fully compatible with the VOX VFS2A footswitch so you can turn the Reverb and Tremolo off and on without skipping a beat.

VOX AC15C1-WB Custom Series White Bronco Amp Specs and Features:

  • All-Valve Amp
  • Classic VOX Amps Sound
  • Built-In Tremolo Effect
  • Built-In Spring Reverb
  • Treble and Bass Controls
  • 15 Watts RMS into 16 Ohms Output Power
  • 12” 8 Ohm Celestion G12M Greenback Speaker
  • Three Inputs: Normal Input Jack, Top Boost Input Jack and a Footswitch Jack
  • Two Outputs: External Loudspeaker Jack and Extension Loudspeaker Jack
  • Weighs 22kg
  • Compatible with Optional VFS2A Footswitch


SeriesLimited Edition
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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