Tama WBST8H-LPO Rack Tom
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Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 8" x 6" Tom in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster

by Tama
The Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch 8 inch x 6 inch Rack Tom in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster provides the ideal way to expand the tom sound of yo..

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The Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch 8 inch x 6 inch Rack Tom in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster provides the ideal way to expand the tom sound of your matching Starclassic kit.

Starclassic Oyster Add On

Featuring the same stunning sound and impressive sound assisting hardware that make the Starclassic Walnut Birch kit so superb, this 8 inch tom in eye-catching Phantasm Oyster provides the perfect opportunity to add a new tonal option to your drum kit.

Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch 8 inch x 6 inch Tom in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster Key Features:

  • 6 ply Walnut / Birch Construction
  • Die Cast Hoops
  • Quick Lock Tom Brackets
  • Star Cast Mounting System
  • Hold Tight Washers
  • Evans Heads

Star-Cast Mounting System

Offering optimum resonance and stable positioning, the Tama Star-Cast Mount ensures easy placement of the tom without impeding tone.

The streamlined design of the mount accommodates closer positioning of toms next to each other, while the chrome plated aluminium ensures stylish looks and a light weight for improved tonal vibration.

Quick-Lock Tom Brackets

Once in place, simply slide the switch on the Quick-Lock Tom Bracket to split it into 2 parts leaving the lower memory lock portion in place on the tom arm.

The next time you come to setup your kit you'll achieve consistent tom positioning with speed and ease.

Walnut / Birch Blend

This Tama Starclassic Tom is constructed from 4 plies of European Birch combined with 2 inner plies of American Black Walnut.

Providing a tone that combines the best of both woods, this tom blends Walnuts even highs, mids and lows with the boosted high end, scooped mid frequencies and punchy low end of birch.

The result is a rack tom that delivers cutting projection ideal for live situations while still delivering robust depth of tone perfect for studio recording.

Fantastic Phantasm

Featuring a stand out Lacquer Phantasm Oyster finish that combines red, white and deep blue paint stroke style stripes, this Starclassic tom has a truly eye-catching aesthetic.

Hold Tight Washers

Featuring a patented C-shaped design which houses a rubber ring, these specially designed washers were made to prevent tension rods from loosening as you play.

The rubber ring absorbs the vibration that occurs as you play the tom which in turn keeps the tension rods in constant contact with the hoops to prevent loosening.

The result is a tom sound with more consistent, prolonged tuning.

Die-Cast Hoops

Offering superb shape consistency, the die-cast hoops ensure an accurate, reliable tuning response providing drums that are easier to tune and that stay in tune longer.

The die-cast hoops also serve to deliver a tom sound that has a crisper attack with improved projection and a more focused, powerful tone, compared to triple flanged options.

Evans Heads

This Walnut/Birch rack tom comes fitted with an Evans Genera G2 batter head over a Genera G1 to ensure a durable playing response and solid sound straight out of the box.


Delivering striking looks to match it's impressive tone, this 8 inch tom offers the ideal way to expand your matching drum kit.

The Walnut / Birch blend delivers warmth and projection, while the resonance aiding hardware ensures reliable and precise positioning without jeopardising the sound.

To add top end tom tone to your Starclassic kit, buy the Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch 8 inch x 6 inch Lacquer Phantasm Oyster Tom now from Professional Music Technology Online!

Tama Starclassic Walnut / Birch 8 inch x 6 inch Tom in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster Specifications:

  • Die Cast Hoops and Hold Tight Washer for Long Lasting Tuning
  • Quick Lock Tom Bracket for Consistent Placement
  • Star Cast Mounting System for Precise and Secure Positioning
  • Evans Genera Head



Weight (kg)3.0000
Finishlacquer phantasm oyster
Rack Tom Size8" x 6"
Shell Materialbirch / walnut

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