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Tama Speed Cobra Twin Pedal and TMT9R Mutlitool Bundle

Tama Speed Cobra Twin Pedal and TMT9R Mutlitool Bundle



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The Tama Speed Cobra Twin Pedal offers unprecedented speed and smoothness for a truly professional playing feel. Combined with the Tama TMT9 Multi-tool for convenient drum kit adjustment, this bundle is a pro quality package for the serious drummer.

Speed Cobra Twin Pedal and Multitool Bundle

Tama have completely redesigned their previous speed cobra model to build upon the well-loved characteristics that made the original versions so popular.

Known for its extreme velocity and serious power, Tama wanted to take the Speed Cobra even further. They’ve done so by adding the feature of minimum work to this pedals list of characteristics.

So now, not only do you achieve the speedy power of previous models you also have added smoothness thrown in for a much easier, streamlined, seamless playing feel.

The result is a pedal with more power from less effort.

Meanwhile the TMT9 multi-tool features a wide range of different tools to make the drummer’s life easier.

Fitted into a compact, sleek design this all-in-one drum multitool ensures you always have the equipment you need exactly when you need it.

Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal

Tama Speed Cobra Twin Pedal Specifications:

  • Long Footboard
  • Recessed Setting
  • Roling Glide LiteSprocket
  • Accu-Strike Cobra Beater
  • Super Spring
  • Cobra Coil
  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
  • Oiles Bearing Hinge
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • Speedo-Ring
  • Swivel Spring Tight
  • Super Stabilizer Design
  • Hinge Guard Block
  • Hardshell Carry Case

Long Footboard

The Tama Speed Cobra twin pedal features a specifically design long footboard.

Longer than the Iron Cobra pedal board, the Speed Cobra’s foot board rapidly increases the power and speed of the pedal with much less effort.

The smooth playing surface of the footboard also creates a comfortable playing feel with reduced friction between the foot and the board.

The result is a pedal with much more precise control and flexibility.

Recessed Setting

The Tama Speed Cobra twin pedal features a patented recessed setting design.

This setting makes it possible to achieve the ideal balance between a natural playing feel and a light action.

There’s some physics involved that no one wants to get into now but basically science makes this pedal better.

By changing the bearing framework structure, the pedal puts less stress on the FASTBALL bearings which makes a distinct difference to the feel of the pedal.

This means there is 20% less exertion needed to produce the same result in power and feel found on previous models of the pedal.

The result is a double bass drum pedal with a much lighter feel which means less stress on your feet and less muscle fatigue when you play.

The Tama Speed Cobra Twin therefore has an unbelievably smooth playing feel that is light to play but that still brings the power and speed.

Rolling Glide LiteSprocket

The Tama Speed Cobra bass drum pedal features a new rolling glide litesprocket that weighs 40% less than the previous Iron Cobra cam. This makes it much easier to move for a lighter playing feel.

Featuring a round design, this litesprocket cam has a rolling glide feature that allows it to revolve naturally and smoothly.

The result of this feature is a pedal with a much lighter more responsive feel.

Accu-Strike Cobra Beater

The Tama Speed Cobra double pedal is fitted with accu-strike cobra beaters as standard.

Unlike the typical felt or hard plastic beaters found on most pedals, the Accu-Strike beater features a playing surface made from Butadiene Rubber.

Offering unique characteristics different to typical beater materials, Butadiene rubber has a strong resistance to wear making it extremely durable and long lasting.

It also has a lighter weight and provides a consistent, articulate sound with a strong attack. The thick rubber beater offers a fat yet focused sound for a punchy tone even at low volumes.

Super Spring & Cobra Coil

This feature has been newly developed for the Tama Speed Cobra twin pedal.

The super tension spring has been designed to provide less exertion in the beginning of the pedal action.

This means that when the beater rebounds off the batter head you feel a much quicker response which makes for a smoother feel.

This combined with the patented design of the cobra coil makes for a truly light smooth playing feel.

The Cobra Coil is a steel spring positioned underneath the footboard and works to assist the return of the footboard to its original position. This means it goes back to it’s starting point much quicker allowing for a consistent feel as you begin each stroke from the same spot, even when playing quickly.

The Cobra coil can be adjusted to different positions to allow for different feels and responses. Simply move the coil backwards or forwards on the base plate for a quicker or slower return.

Vari-Pitch Beater Holder & Speedo-Ring

The Vari-Pitch beater holder function of the Tama cobra pedal allows you to adjust the angle of the beater completely independently to the footboard angle.

While the Vari-Pitch beater holder allows you to adjust the beater position independently of the footboard, similarly the Speedo-Ring enables you to set the angle of the footboard separately to the beater.

The Speedo-Ring features a rocker cam design with built in bearings for a super smooth movement with reduced friction.

Therefore, you can set your ideal footboard playing position and then adjust the beater angle without affecting your initial settings for a truly customised, comfortable feel.

The combination of these two setting features mean that you can achieve the exact feel and stroke you desire with the Tama Speed Cobra.

Plus, the Vari-Pitch function also allows for a compact pack down size allowing you to place the pedal in the carry case without having to remove the beater, something that typically has to be done with most pedals if you want to store them in a case.

The result is quicker set up and pack down time without having to reinstall and reset your preferred beater angle.

Oiles Bearing Hinge & Hinge Guard Block

The Tama Speed Cobra twin features a patented Oiles Bearing Hinge that reduces friction even more than standard ball bearings for a truly smooth footboard movement.

The Oiles hinge also eliminates side to side motion which creates a much more solid, sturdy playing feel and provides extra durability to this robust, rugged double bass drum pedal.

The Hinge Guard Block of this Tama pedal has also been improved by changing the previously one-piece design to a two-piece assembly.

The result of this change is a pedal hinge that holds the bearing more evenly, minimising stress and maximising smoothness.

Para-Clamp II Pro

This patented design feature allows the Tama Speed Cobra Twin to grip a wide variety of bass drum hoops no matter their thickness.

The newly designed 3-dimensional rubber grip moves easily to accommodate different hoops which increases holding power whilst eliminating the chance of scratching or damaging the hoop.

The Para-Clamp 2 pro features an easy to reach T-bolt adjuster on the side which makes it much easier to tighten and loosen, even from your drum throne, allowing for fast set up and pack down.

Swivel Spring Tight

Yet another patented feature, the Swivel Spring Tight design of the Tama bass drum pedal is a small change that makes a big difference.

Typically, most bass drum pedals secure the underside of the tension spring in place so that it can’t be moved. This results in the spring being pulled in numerous directions as the pedal fights against the springs positioning.

By allowing the bottom to move instead of being anchored in place, the Swivel Spring Tight recaptures the lost energy used in fighting against the spring and optimises it into a much smoother feel.

By using a contoured assembly, the base of the tension spring is allowed to swivel with the spring as it moves. This allows the spring to be pulled straight instead of in various directions.

This results in a much smoother, lighter playing response.

Super Stabiliser Design

In addition to the Oiles Bearing Hinge, Tama have adapted the frame and base plate of the Tama Speed Cobra to ensure a much more stable, solid bass drum pedal.

In previous models of the Tama Speed Cobra the pedal was able to sway from side to side when played aggressively. This undermines the efficiency of the pedal as it needs to fight to keep the pedal in place.

To overcome this problem, Tama have widened the frame of the Speed Cobra pedal by 15mm which has resulted in the overall structure of the pedal being expanded.

The underplate of the pedal has also been widen by 12mm for a super sturdy, robust, solid feel with superb stability.

Hardshell Carry Case

In addition to the plethora of features included within the Tama Speed Cobra Twin pedal, it also comes with a hardshell carrying case as standard.

This specifically designed case features a robust, hard plastic design with a specially moulded interior that the pedal slots into.

The hard case provides superb protection during transportation and storage. Meanwhile the moulded interior ensures a secure, snug fit making sure the pedal stays in one place, reducing the chance of damage in transit.

Ideal for storage and for taking your pedal to rehearsals and gigs, the Pearl Hardshell Carry Case provides reliable stylish protection for your Tama Speed Cobra double pedal.

Tama TMT9R Multi-Tool

Featuring a stunningly, stylish red finish, this Tama TMT9R multitool provides an array of useful drum tools in one compact design.

Ideal for gigging drummers, drum techs and those who like to keep their drum gear well maintained.

Tama TMT9R MultiTool Specifications:

  • Hex Wrench: 5.0mm, 4.0mm, 3.0mm, 2.5mm and 2.0mm
  • Keychain Link
  • Hex Nut Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Drum Key x 2

Housing 5 different sizes of hex wrench, hex nut drivers, a Phillips screwdriver and 2 drum keys the Tama multitool offers a convenient range of tools to ensure you have everything you need the instant you need it.

Built into a quick access army knife style design, this multitool includes hex wrenches ideal for adjusting pedals and hardware stands.

The hex nut drivers are perfect for unscrewing and tightening internal lug screws, while the Phillips head screwdriver is great for the small adjustment screws found on bass drum pedals.

The Tama red multitool also has not 1 but 2 drum keys. There’s no excuse to ask around for a drum key anymore as you’ll always have two at hand with the Tama multitool.

Another nifty feature of the Tama multi-tool is the wing nut loosener recess in the side of the plastic frame. This clever little design addition allows you to quickly and easily loosen over tightened T nuts and bolts, making setting up and packing down much simpler.

Plus, Tama have also included a keychain link, meaning you can easily attach the drum multitool to your keys or lanyard to ensure you always have it where you can find it.

A superb addition to any drummer’s gear bag, the Tama Multitool could be an absolute life saver exactly when you need it.


Tama have done a superb job at redesigning their already popular Speed Cobra bass drum pedal.

Developing and improving features with speed, smoothness and ease of use constantly in mind, Tama have done a sterling job at building on an already brilliant design.

Utilising a range of features to provide the drummer with adaptability for a personalised pedal set up Tama have crammed the Speed Cobra with well thought-out features.

From the Vari-Pitch Beater Holder, Cobra Coil and Speedo-Ring for a customised feel to the Long Footboard, Recessed Setting, and Rolling Glide LiteSprocket for improved smoothness and the Para-Clamp 2 Pro, Oiles Bearing Hinge and Super Stabiliser Design for increased durability and stability, Tama have clearly done all the hard work to make the drummer’s life easier.

Meanwhile the included Tama Multitool is packed with extremely useful tools that all drummer’s need on hand for those pre-gig emergencies. Making it easier to maintain, fix and adjust your drum kit set up the multitool is a great tool that all drummers should have.

If you want a bass drum pedal that works tirelessly to provide you with a seamless, silky smooth response, super-fast effortless speed and robust stability, the Tama Speed Cobra is a super choice. Add to that the Tama Multitool and you have yourself one truly professional bundle.

Grab it now!

Tama Speed Cobra Twin Pedal and TMT9R Multitool Bundle Key Features:


  • Long Footboard
  • Recessed Setting
  • Roling Glide LiteSprocket
  • Accu-Strike Cobra Beater
  • Super Spring
  • Cobra Coil
  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
  • Oiles Bearing Hinge
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • Speedo-Ring
  • Swivel Spring Tight
  • Super Stabilizer Design
  • Hinge Guard Block
  • Hardshell Carry Case


  • Quick Tool Access
  • 5 x Hex Wrench
  • Keychain Link
  • Hex Nut Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 2 x Drum Keys
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