Tama Imperialstar 6pc Shell Pack Inc H/W Black Oak Wrap
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Tama Imperialstar 6pc Black Oak Wrap Shell Pack with Hardware

by Tama
The Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Kit in Black Oak Wrap comes with a full set of top-quality hardware to make sure you have all the essenti..

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The Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Kit in Black Oak Wrap comes with a full set of top-quality hardware to make sure you have all the essential parts you need to build your perfect drumkit setup. A brilliant choice for new drummers who want some extra bottom end tone, this Imperialstar kit delivers professional looks and sound at a great price.

Impressive Imperialstar

Following 40 years of world-renowned drum building, Tama know what new drummers want.

That’s why they’ve specifically created the Imperialstar series of drumkits to fulfil the needs of beginner drummers.

Using their extensive experience and manufacturing know-how, Tama have produced a top-quality drum kit that doesn’t break the bank.

Including a full 6-piece shell pack and all the essential hardware you need to create your ideal drum setup, the Tama Imperialstar delivers superb quality and great sound at an affordable price.

Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Kit in Black Oak Wrap Configuration:

  • 22” x 16” Bass Drum
  • 10” x 7” Rack Tom
  • 12” x 8” Rack Tom
  • 14” x 13” Floor Tom
  • 16” x 15” Floor Tom
  • 14” x 5” Snare Drum

Tama Imperialstar Hardware Pack:

  • MTH50 Double Tom Holder
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Single Bass Drum Pedal
  • Snare Stand
  • Boom Cymbal Stand
  • Straight Cymbal Stand
  • Drum Throne
  • Cymbals NOT Included

Versatile Tone

Having a 6-piece drum kit setup that consists of 4 toms allows you to essentially tailor make your drum kit to meet your needs.

Whether you want a smaller 1 rack tom, 1 floor tom set up for compact practice at home or you want the full 2 up 2 down configuration for performing, this 6-piece shell pack lets you do it.

The ability to switch up your sound with ease makes having a 6-piece drum kit a great asset.

Not only does it provide a great range of tone, with two thundering floor toms for great bottom end and the two rack toms for higher pitched playing, it also allows you to create the exact set up you need.

Perhaps you only want a small kit for a hip-hop performance, whereas you need all the tom sounds for a full-on rock gig.

With the Imperialstar 6-piece you can create the exact kit you need every time you play!

100% Poplar

The shells of the Tama Imperialstar drum kit are constructed from 8-ply poplar for a shell thickness of 7.5mm.

Characterised by its soft high and mid frequency response, poplar produces a beautifully boosted low-end warmth for a smooth and even overall sound.

Delivering a sound that’s ideal for a wide range of musical styles, the Tama Imperialstar offers a full, warm tone with a medium attack.

Great for all types of music from rock and pop, to hip-hop and funk, to jazz and fusion, the poplar tone of the Imperialstar will ensure you always have the sound you need no matter the style you play.

Bearing Edges

The bearing edges of a drum shell are one of the most important components when it comes to shaping the drum’s sound.

The bearing edge is where the drumhead meets the shell. Therefore, if there are any inconsistencies in the bearing edge it will impact the overall sound of the drum.

That’s why Tama use an advanced edge-cutting process to ensure an extremely precise bearing edge that allows the shells to ring openly and fully.

The result is a drum kit that offers a wide range of tuning, delivers great sensitivity and has a robust playing response.

Beautiful Black Oak

Available in a range of different finishes and kit configurations, this Imperialstar drum kit features a beautiful Black Oak Wrap design.

Offering a striking black aesthetic with lighter brown grain detailing, this drum kit has a professional appearance.

The Accu-Tone hoops of previous Imperialstar models have been upgraded to matching wood bass drum hoops to add a touch of refinement to the overall look.

The dark oak wrap finish contrasts perfectly with the light chrome shell hardware to deliver a striking overall aesthetic.

In addition to the new bass drum hoops, the tom brackets have been newly designed in order to ensure minimal contact with the shell and to improve tom resonance.

The spur brackets on the bass drum offer maximum durability and stability to ensure your bass drum stays firmly planted in place no matter how hard you play.

Durable Hardware

In addition to the 6-piece Imperialstar shell pack, this kit also includes a full set of durable drum hardware to get you up and drumming asap.

The Tama hardware pack consists of a hi-hat stand, snare stand, boom and straight cymbal stands, a single bass drum pedal and a drum throne.

All the hardware features double braced legs to ensure a strong, sturdy and durable set up.

The 6-piece hardware set includes all the essential components needed to create a fully functioning drum kit. Simply add your own cymbals are you’re ready to go!

The Tama Imperialstar also comes complete with the MTH50 double tom holder to ensure easy positioning and secure mounting of the rack toms on the bass drum.


Including top-quality features found on Tama’s higher end drum kits, the Tama Imperialstar delivers superb sound, functional hardware and stylish looks all at a great price.

Offering a versatile setup and a wide range of tone thanks to the 2 up, 2 down configuration, this drum kit is ideal for the modern drummer who wants to play all styles.

Delivering full, warm resonant tone thanks to the poplar shells and precision cut bearing edges, this Tama drum kit will work well in a wide range of musical situations.

The included hardware pack ensures you have all the essential parts you need to create your ideal setup, while the beautiful black oak wrap delivers a stunning, professional look.

For versatile tone, top quality hardware and stunning looks, grab the Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Black Oak Wrap Drum Kit now from Professional Music Technology Online!

Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Kit in Black Oak Wrap Key Features:

  • 10x7” & 12x8” Rack Toms, 14x13” & 16x15” Floor Toms, 22x16” Bass Drum and 14x5” Snare
  • Double Braced Hardware included – double tom holder, hi-hat stand, single bass drum pedal, snare stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, drum throne
  • 8-ply Poplar Shells
  • Precision Cut Bearing Edges
  • Full, Warm Tone
  • Ideal for All Music Styles
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Beautiful Black Oak Wrap Finish
  • Doesn’t Include Cymbals


Packed Weight (kg)10.0000
Hardware / Cymbalshardware included (inc stool)
Finishblack oak wrap
Bass Drum Size22" x 16"
Floor Tom Size14" x 13", 16" x 15"
Rack Tom Size10" x 7", 12" x 8"
Shell Count6 piece kit
Shell Materialpoplar
Snare Size14" x 5"

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