Tama Club Jam Satin Blonde Drum Kit with Hardware
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Tama Club Jam Shell Pack Satin Blonde w/hardware

by Tama
The Tama Club Jam Satin Blonde Drum Kit with Hardware offers everything you need for a compact, portable drum kit set up. Ideal for gigs, re..

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The Tama Club Jam Satin Blonde Drum Kit with Hardware offers everything you need for a compact, portable drum kit set up. Ideal for gigs, rehearsals or home practice when you’re short on space.

Portable Kit with Hardware

The Tama Club Jam range of drum kits was designed with space saving and portability in mind.

Featuring a super compact design and mounting features that have a nod to vintage styles, the Tama Club kits are ideal for drummers on the go.

Whether you want a small space saving kit for home practice and tiny venue gigs or you want something that’s easy to transport to rehearsal, the Tama Club Jam is a great choice.

Offering a big sound in a small set up, the Tama Club Jam also comes with all the hardware you need to get up and drumming straight out of the box.

A super affordable, all-in-one option for drummers on the move.

Tama Club Jam LJK48S Satin Blonde Drum Kit Configuration:

  • 18”x12” Bass Drum
  • 10”x7” Rack Tom
  • 14”x7” Floor Tom
  • 13”x5” Snare Drum

Tama Club Jam LJK48S Hardware Pack:

  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Snare Stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Drum Throne

Mersawa / Poplar Shells

The Tama Club drum kit features small sizes with shallow shells to allow for a compact design that is easy to transport.

While you may think that smaller shells result in a smaller sound you’d be wrong.

Consisting of a 6ply Mersawa / Poplar blend, these hybrid shells combine the soft highs, mids and boosted low-end warmth of poplar with the light hardwood characteristics of Mersawa.

Not well known to the drum world, Mersawa is typically used in furniture building and for flooring because of it’s robust strength.

The result here is a solid drum kit with superb low-end warmth and a smooth sound.

Vintage Details

The Tama Club Jam kits adopt some of the design ideas typically seen in vintage drum kits.

From the bass drum mounted cymbal holder to the curved bass drum spurs.

Not only does the cymbal holder on the bass drum hark back to the vintage kits of the jazz era it is also super space saving and eliminates the need for an additional cymbal stand. One less hardware stand to carry sounds good to us!

The spurs of the bass drum are also slightly curved, for a space saving solution that again leans towards the style of traditional drum kits, for a modern twist on a classic look.

Stunning Looks

This kit features a Satin Blonde lacquer finish that offers a stunning, professional aesthetic. The classic Satin Blonde has a wood grain finish for a beautifully natural light honey-tinged look.

Each drum is adorned with chrome triple flanged hoops, compact chrome Tama lugs and the Club Jam gold and black vent badge.

The bass drum is beautifully finished with wooden hoops that add an eye-catching contrast to the jet black finish.

The Tama Club Jam offers a beautiful aesthetic in a compact kit, ensuring you look as good as you sound no matter what the situation.

Everything You Need

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one package for your first drum kit or you need a compact set up for gigs, the Tama Club Jam features everything you need in one convenient bundle.

In addition to the 4 piece shell pack, this Tama Club Jam kit also comes with a 4 piece hardware pack, ensuring you have everything you need in one neat package.

The hardware set consists of a single kick drum pedal, a snare stand, hi-hat stand and drum stool.

Also included is the bass drum cymbal mount arm which allows you to easily secure your ride cymbal to the bass drum without the need for an additional bulky stand. A compact solution at an amazing price point.

Thanks to the included hardware, the Tama Club Jam really is a convenient set up that offers superb value for money without compromising on build and sound quality.


If you want a small drum kit in a stunning finish with everything you need thrown in, the Tama Club Jam should be a serious contender for your attention.

With its compact shell sizes, nifty hardware design solutions and impressive sound quality the Tama Club Jam is a great option for both beginners and advanced drummers alike.

Ideal for space saving home practice, small venue gigs and rehearsing, the Tama Club Jam offers great value for money thanks to it’s included hardware pack.

Tama Club Jam Satin Blonde Drum Kit with Hardware Key Features:

  • 6ply 7mm Mersawa / Poplar Hybrid Shell
  • Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Holder
  • Bass Drum Wood Hoop
  • Compact Sizes for Easy Transportation
  • Included 4 Piece Hardware Pack
  • Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Players
  • Convenient All-In-One Package


Weight (kg)30.0000
Hardware / Cymbalshardware included (inc stool)
Finishsatin blonde
Bass Drum Size18" x 12"
Floor Tom Size14" x 7"
Rack Tom Size10" x 7"
Shell Count4 piece kit
Shell Materialmersawa / poplar
Snare Size13" x 5"

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