Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG
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Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG Back Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG Floyd Rose Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG Sustainiac Controls

Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse Rusty Grey with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac

The Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse is designed for the most extreme, technical metal players and has an awesome aesthetic to match. Schecter A..

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The Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse is designed for the most extreme, technical metal players and has an awesome aesthetic to match.

Schecter Apocalypse Made for Metal

Playability Enhancing Design

Schecter have opted for stainless steel frets to enhance the playability of the C-1 FR S Apocalypse. Stainless steel frets provide a significantly improved, and smoother playing experience and compared to regular frets they’re nigh on indestructible – no matter how hard you play it’ll be a long, long time before you begin to see any wear in these frets.

The body of the C-1 Apocalypse is made of lightweight Swamp Ash wood so it is comfortable to play and will allow you to play for longer before any discomfort sets in.

The neck is Maple and Bubinga multi-play and has been fortified with carbon fibre reinforcement rods so it is extremely stable and secure.

Schechter’s famed ‘Ultra Access’ construction also makes an appearance with the set neck being pocketed deep into the guitar and a small, slim heel with an extremely smooth finish.

This, combined with the extra-deep cutaway into the body means the reaching and playing the higher frets is extremely easy.

The compound radius of the neck means it is extremely comfortable to play while allowing for extreme string bending and X-Jumbo frets makes for really easy playing, perfect for performing virtuosic solos.

Heavy Duty Hardware

A Floyd Rose locking nut combined with Schecter locking tuners means your strings are easy to tune and once in tune they’re staying there, no matter how much you bend your way through face-melting solos.

The C-1 Apocalypse is also equipped with a Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo bridge, perfect for those Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen deep and frantic whammy bar actions while keeping your strings in tune.

Sustainiac and Schecter Apocalypse Pickups

Equipping the neck pickup position of the C-1 FR S is an incredible Sustainiac pickup. The Sustainiac pickup takes the vibrations of the guitar processes it and then it is amplified by the Systainiac circuit. 

This processed and amplified pickup signal is then connected to the Sustainiac driver which turns your amplified guitar note into vibrational energy. This energy is then fed back into the strings via the Sustainer resulting in an intense vibration, awesome harmonics and a note that will sustain indefinitely.

Imagine having the feedback you get from your amp but in a completely controllable state, built into your guitar so you don’t have to go anywhere and with a sustain that will literally last for as long as you want it to.

In the bridge positions Schecter have equipped the C-1 Apocalypse with Schecter USA Apocalypse-VI pickups.

The Apocalypse-VI has a unique tri-field design combining Alnico V with dual flanking Ceramic-8s which yield an awesome amount of power across entire sonic range of the guitar. They have the ability to get extremely loud while retaining the clarity and definition of your playing.

Made in the Schecter Custom Shop in California, USA, these pickups are hand wound and constructed with high grade materials and are of a superb build quality.

A series of controls give you the tools to manage your tone. Volume, Tone, Intensity controls, a 3-way pickup selector switch, a 2-way on/off Sustainiac switch and a 3-way Sustaniac Mode switch allowing you to flick between Fundamental, Mix and Harmonic modes allow you full control over your sound.

Schecter C-1 FR S Apocalypse RG Specs and Features:

  • Model Name: C-1 Apocalypse
  • Guitar Colour: Stained Satin Rusty Grey
  • Body Material: Swamp Ash
  • Neck Material: Maple/Bubinga Multi-Play with Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Rods
  • Scale Length: 25.5”
  • 24 x X-Jumbo Frets
  • 12” – 16” Compound Radius Ebony Fretboard
  • Locking Floyd Rose 1500 Series Nut
  • Floyd Rose 1500 Series Bridge
  • Hand Wound Schecter USA Apocalypse-VI Pickup
  • Sustainiac Pickup System
  • Schecter Locking Tuners
  • Hipshot O-Ring Knobs
  • Satin Black Hardware
  • Fitted with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky #2221 Strings (.010 - .046)


Weight (kg)7.0000
SeriesApocalypse Series
Pickup Config2 x humbucker
Number Of Strings6 string
Right / Left-Handedright handed
Body Sizefull size

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