Roland TD-30K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit
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Roland TD-30K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-30K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-30K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

by Roland
The Roland TD-30K is the latest in the industry standard V-Drums V-Pro series of electronic drum kits. For players that want to improve the ..

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The Roland TD-30K is the latest in the industry standard V-Drums V-Pro series of electronic drum kits. For players that want to improve the feel and sound for studio recording or intensive home practice, or even to take out on the road on tour - the TD30K delivers.

Play, Feel, Believe!

Years of development of the TD range of products has culminated in the TD-30K - a drum kit which uses SuperNATURAL technology (formerly developed for Roland's pianos) and combines it with behaviour modelling technology which leads to an expressive playing experience and exceptional sound quality. It's just like playing an acoustic kit.

At the heart of the TD30K electronic drum kit is the Roland TD-30 module. Offering an array of acoustic and electronic percussive sounds, the Roland TD30 module features built in effects with a dedicated "ambience" fader, MIDI OUT, and USB connectivity. Utilize your electronic drum kit via USB MIDI, save drum settings, and even playback audio via USB to expand your practice and performance capabilities.

Advance sensing technology, V range hi-hat, cymbals and pads, and even a mesh head kick pad brings a truly naturally feeling performance to the Roland TD30K electronic drum kit that no other kit on the market can offer.

Key Features:

  • Flagship V-Drums with advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Dedicated “Ambience” fader with new room-ambience and overhead-mic simulation
  • USB memory port for data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3)
  • Separate USB-MIDI port for computer connectivity
  • Compact, solid drum stand (MDS-50K) for professional studio requirements
  • New lightweight 10-inch V-Pad (PDX-100) for toms

SuperNATURAL Sound

Powered by SuperNATURAL sounds and Behavior Modeling, the TD-30K offers superior sound quality and natural response. From rim shots, rolls, flams, even ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is accurate and smooth. For spatial depth, a dedicated Ambience fader gives you immediate control over lush room ambience and overhead-microphone simulation.

Advanced Sensing Technology

The 12-inch PD-125BK mesh V-Pad for snare drum features Roland’s amazing dual-triggering technology, resulting in accurate and even sensing between the head and rim. The PDX-100 10-inch mesh head V-Pad for toms provides a dual-mount option for increased setup versatility.

Natural Triggering with Double Pedal Support

The KD-120BK 12-inch V-Kick Trigger Pad offers fast, natural kick-drum triggering and is compatible with double bass pedals (sold separately). The head tension can be adjusted to get the right feel, and the legs feature rubber tips with hidden spikes that can be pointed downward for more stability. (Kick pedal not included)


With eyes closed, drummers will think they’re playing a regular two-piece hi-hat. But examine the innovative VH-11 floating hi-hat, and you’ll see that it’s actually comprised of one floating cymbal pad atop a fixed lower base. Great for fast setup and easy transport, the VH-11 mounts on conventional hi-hat stands, and provides a similar playing feel to a two-piece hi-hat. (Hi-hat stand not included.)


With optimized weight-balance and sensitivity, the V-Cymbal Crash provides accurate triggering and a natural swinging motion and for consistent crash performance, including choke control. The enlarged bow area of the V-Cymbal Ride enhances the playing feel, with accurate three-way triggering for edge, bow, and bell.

Compact, Solid Drum Stand

The original drum rack, MDS-12V is replaced with the MDS-50K. It provides flexible ball clamps for snare and toms, boom/straight options for the cymbal arms, and an internal cable management system for a clean professional look.

Compare the Range!

Unsure which kit might be for you? Check out our Roland Electric Drum Kits comparison page and see all the differences between the Roland Drums.

* Additional Shipping Charges may apply for this item. Please call us on 0151 448 2089 and we'll be happy to advise.


  • Drum Sound Module TD-30 x 1
  • V-Kick KD-120BK x 1
  • V-Pad (Snare) PD-125BK x 1
  • V-Pad (Tom) PDX-100 x 3
  • V-Hi-Hat VH-11 x 1
  • V-Cymbal Crash CY-12C x 1
  • V-Cymbal Ride (for Crash) CY-13R x 1
  • V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R x 1
  • Drum Stand MDS-50K x 1 (sold separately)


  • Extra Trigger Input Jack5 (TOM4, AUX1 - AUX4)


  • Setup Guide

Options (sold separately):

  • Cymbal Mount: MDY Series
  • Pad Mount: MDH Series
  • Personal Drum Monitor: PM-30/PM-10
  • V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3
  • V-Drums Mat: TDM-20
  • Wireless USB Adapter (*WNA1100-RL or ONKYO UWF-1)


  • Width (W) 1,500 mm (59-1/16 inches)
  • Depth (D) 1,200 mm (47-1/4 inches)
  • Height (H) 1,250 mm (49-1/4 inches)
  • Weight 39 kg (86 lbs.)




Warranty3 years
Snare Size12" x 5"

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