Roland HPD20 Handsonic
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Roland HPD20 Handsonic Person playing electronic drum pads

Roland HPD20 Handsonic Digital Percussion Pad

by Roland
With the Roland HPD-20 Handsonic you have creativity at your fingertips. Building on the success of the HPD-10 and 15, Roland have brought a..

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With the Roland HPD-20 Handsonic you have creativity at your fingertips. Building on the success of the HPD-10 and 15, Roland have brought an even higher level of playability, connectivity and usability.

SuperNatural Sounds

The main new feature to be introduced with the release of the Roland HPD-20 is the SuperNatural Sound Engine. A feature borrowed from Roland's V-Drums, SuperNatural provides a much more expressive and dynamic sound range. The SuperNatural Sound Engine emulates the gradients of sound and feel you would find on acoustic percussive instruments to provide a much more realistic response from the HPD-20. Whether you want the deep full tone of the middle of a cajon, the snap of the edge or anything inbetween, you can achieve it with the Roland Handsonic.

Create Your Own Sound

While previous Handsonic pads only allowed you to use the built in sounds, the new Roland HPD-20 allows the capability to load in your own samples. That means in addition to the hundreds of preset sounds the HPD-20 comes with, you can now create and load in your own samples to create the exact sound and style you want.

Record Your Progress

Whether you want to record yourself to check how well you're playing or you need the recording for a performance or studio track, the Roland HPD-20 Handsonic has a Quick Record Function. With Quick Record you can begin recording your own parts with the press of a couple of buttons. Once you're happy with your take you can export your recordings to USB as a WAV file.

Connect and Create

The release of the HPD-20 sees the addition of USB connectivity, allowing you to connect the Handsonic to your computer for either MIDI connectivity or recording straight to your favourite DAW. No need for a seperate audio interface, you can record in stereo straight from the HPD-20 to your computer vid USB.

More Choice

Roland have added more internal instrument sounds to the HPD-20. Now with a choice of 850 sounds to choose from you'll have everything you need to start using the Handsonic straight out of the box. With the ability to add your own samples it won't be long before you have your own vast library of authentic instruments and samples.

Tried and Tested

Many of the successful features of the previous Handsonic models are still available in the new RDP-20, including real-time effects, kit chains, click/metronome and D-Beam triggering.

Roland HPD-20 Handsonic Key Features:

  • SuperNatural Sound Engine for ultimate expresssiveness and dynamic range
  • Load in your own samples
  • Quick Record Function
  • USB Connectivity for MIDI and DAW recording
  • More Instruments - 850 in built sounds
  • Key features from previous Handsonic models


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Warranty3 years

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