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Roland CY-16R-T V-Cymbal Ride

by Roland
The Roland CY-16R-T Crash/Ride is the professional and natural feeling 16" crash/ride cymbal. Designed for the professional drummer offering..

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The Roland CY-16R-T Crash/Ride is the professional and natural feeling 16" crash/ride cymbal. Designed for the professional drummer offering an amazing playing experience.

Featuring a thinner profile, the Roland Crash/Ride is developed by the experts at Roland HQ to feel and play like a real acoustic cymbal.

Roland Cymbal Tech

With a natural feel, excellent response, the Roland CY-16R-T has a real feel character and will enhance your drummer no end.

Featuring a 40 percent thinner profile with an amazing response and rebound. This cymbal delivers a more organic play and focus, ideal if you're a more traditional drummer.

Roland CY-14C-T Cymbal Crash Features:

  • Advanced 16" ride/crash cymbal pad with 40-percent thinner profile than previous generations
  • Multi-sensor system for independent edge, bow, and bell sounds
  • Natural looks and playability with improved feel and swinging motion
  • Authentic stick response makes it easier to play cymbal swells and rides
  • Chokes supported by grabbing the cymbal edge
  • Compatible with all V-Drums modules

TD-27 Compatible

The in-built sensor system is easily configured with the TD-27 V-Drums Module*. For use as either a ride cymbal (bow/bell) or crash cymbal (bow/edge) making this cymbal multi-functional.

Three-way Triggering

The Roland Crash/Ride has three-way triggering and is supported via two cables into advanced V-Drum modules. This gives independent sounds from the edge, bow and bell.

Grabbing the cymbal by the edge results in a natural choke offering the full playing experience from this cymbal.

This cymbal stands out from the rest, with its 40 percent reduction and its natural swinging motion, it'll play just like an acoustic cymbal

It also has an improved stick feel resonating balanced feel and performance.

You can also grab the cymbal and it will choke offering a full cymbal playing experience.

*The CY-16R-T trigger parameter is only available in the TD-27 module at this time.

Roland CY-16R-T Crash/Ride Cymbal Specs:

  • Size: 16"
  • Triggers: 3 (Bow/Bell/Edge)


  • Bell Output Jack
  • Bow/Edge Output jack


  • Owner's manual
  • Cymbal nut
  • Felt washer
  • Stopper
  • Connection cable (stereo) x 2
  • Cable tie


  • 407mm (W) x 407mm (D) x 56mm (H)
  • 16 1/16" (W) x 16 1/16" (D) x 2 1/4" (H)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg / 2 lbs 14 oz


Weight (kg)2.0000
Warranty2 years
Cymbal Typeelectronic

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