Check out our full range of USB Audio Interfaces suitable for home, project and professional studio recording.


Whether you're recording Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards or Drums, a USB Interface is one of the most cost-effective means of tracking into a DAW or Audio Software. Most are plug-and-play, meaning you can plug into a spare USB Port on your Laptop or Desktop, and hook up some speakers pretty quickly.

A good quality USB Audio Interface is the best way to turn your everyday laptop or computer into a fully functional recording studio - with a wide range of Audio Interfaces and Soundcards available for you to record your own vocals and instruments.

As the name would suggest, these USB devices act as an 'interface' between your computer and a microphone, instrument or mixer. Most feature 'Phantom Power' via a Pre-Amp microphone input (often supplied via a 3-Pin XLR connection) so you can power condenser microphones and record super high quality audio.

Long gone are the days when you need £2000 and a giant tape machine to record you and the band to a decent standard!


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