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Guitar Accessories

Guitar Accessories are essential items for guitarists of any level, and spare parts are usually very handy, too. These are not luxuries - a well-prepared guitarist will never be caught without extra guitar strings or guitar picks, for instance! Besides, after you've saved and spent your hard-earned cash on your brand new guitar, you'll need to keep your investment safe, secure and in the best possible condition. At PMT Online you'll find all the accessories you need, in stock and ready to ship, including cases, cables, capos, tuners, stands and much more! And if you have a "guitar emergency", remember you can Reserve & Collect any item from one of our PMT Stores nationwide!


Having a great set of strings can really improve your tone, and it's good to always have a few extra to spare, especially if you're playing a gig. When recording, using a brand new set of strings is usually recommended. At PMT Online you can buy the best strings for your guitar, from all the major brands such as D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Elixir and others.


Keeping your guitar in tune is an essential daily routine for any guitarist. Korg Pitch Black and TC Electronic's Polytune are two of the most popular kinds of chromatic tuner available today, but even budget clip-on tuners are very useful, so there's no excuse not to have one!


Using the best quality possible guitar cables is important to make sure your signal remains clear and hum-free, especially at gigs or when recording. Many brands such as Fender, Gibson and Orange make their own high-quality cable, whereas Klotz is a brand dedicated exclusively to cables. If you're on a budget, Black Rat and Stagg will offer you something affordable and of good quality.


A guitar strap can tell a lot about what sort of guitarist you are - so choose carefully! From plain and simple straps to expensive leather models, there are as many different straps as there are lead guitarists' mood swings. Choose a great strap, and you might as well feel almost as attached to it as to your guitar!


Make sure to always have plenty of extra picks - if there's one thing guitarists hate is other players asking them for a spare plectrum! Dunlop makes the most popular guitar picks, available in many different designs and thickness. You can buy single picks or, for your convenience, buy in packs.


Gigging musicians are advised to own hard cases for better protection, especially if they're used to touring often. Soft gig bags by brands such as Stagg and Black Rat are usually enough for those who just keep their guitar at home, but if you're on a budget and play gigs more or less regularly, a bag with strong padding may be a good, affordable "in-between" choice!


Capos and guitar slides are two of the most popular "non-essential" accessories. Capos have been used by guitarists for decades, and primitive versions of it existed as far back as the 17th Century. Capos allow you to play in different keys while still using the chord positions you are more comfortable with. Songs such as Oasis' 'Wonderwall', The Eagles' 'Hotel California' or The Beatles' 'Here Comes The Sun' have used a capo.

You'll also find a great selection of stands and hangers for your instrument, pickups, strap locks, tuning machine heads and other parts that from time to time you may find yourself in need of.

Also, check out our range of Guitar Cleaning and Maintenance kits from brands like Jim Dunlop and Gibson that include suitable cloths and polish to keep your instrument looking fresh.


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