Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars are used in most types of music worldwide, and for this reason, the acoustic guitar is widely regarded as one of the most popular musical instruments. Used on a wide variety of music types, you will often hear its sound gracing many genres from rock to folk, country to jazz. Here at PMT, we have one of the largest selections of acoustic guitars for sale in the UK from the worlds leading brands including TaylorMartin guitarsGibsonEpiphone, Fender and more.


Acoustic guitars are the best guitar type for beginners and children because they can usually be cheap, and much lighter than electric guitars, besides the fact that they can be played anywhere! Smaller models such as travel and 3/4 size acoustic guitars are also very popular today due to their convenient sizes. In fact, everyone from beginners to well-established players and many professional artists - even pros like Ed Sheeran sometimes prefer these smaller instruments due to their convenience.

For the lefties, select one from our range of left hand acoustic guitars for sale and find a huge range in stock online and in-store. We also offer a large selection of different shapes to choose from including dreadnought, Jumbo, parlour and auditorium, but perhaps the most important development in the manufacturing process has been the use of solid tonewoods. Woods such as mahogany, alder, spruce and maple help create distinctive and different sounds that get better with age. It's no wonder that many players hold on to their favourite acoustic guitars for their whole lives, and you may just find a "keeper" in one of our stores! This is why we strive to select and stock only the finest acoustic guitars from preferred brands – we know your acoustic guitar will be a friend for life.


At your local PMT Acoustic Guitar Shop you will find a wide range of acoustic guitars for sale, including six and 12-string models, in both acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar options, including plenty of left-handed acoustic guitars. We are main dealers for Taylor, Martin, Faith, Takamine, Yamaha, Stagg, Washburn, Tanglewood, Fender, Gibson and a host of others. So, if the raw folk sound of Bob Dylan gets your creativity flowing or the indie anthems of Noel Gallagher, we have acoustic guitars for sale that suit your style and taste, whatever your musical preferences. Call into your local PMT store today to speak to our acoustic guitar experts about getting the best acoustic guitar for your needs.

Feel free to call into your local store and spend time trying out our range of acoustic guitars for sale in a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere. We have a huge selection to choose from in each store and at PMT online.


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