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Cymbals are an essential part of a drum-kit and incredibly important in defining your sound. That's why most drummers take great care in choosing good-quality cymbals that suit their needs and style. At the PMT Online drum shop, you can find all the best cymbals by ZildjianSabian and other brands, sold individually or in packs. All items in-stock and worth over £99 are eligible for FREE Next Day Delivery, and you can also Reserve & Collect items in-store, too.


Finding the perfect combination of cymbals is an art, and most drummers will only reach their best cymbal setup after some trial and error! That's why for drummers on a budget, getting a cymbal pack can be the best route, while beginners may also opt for more affordable brands such as Stagg, who make good quality cymbals at cheap prices - a good way to experiment with different types without spending too much money!


There are different types of cymbals such as, ride, crash, hi-hats, china and splash, and most drummers will use a combination of some or all of them. Each one sounds different and may suit different songs at different moments, too. Cymbals will give your drum kit its own identity, and the choice you make can go along way to defining your sound. The hi-hat along with the snare drum are arguably the most heard part of any drum kit during a performance, and along with the bass drum, hi-hats are played with the feet.

Made using many different types of metal alloy including brass, bronze and nickel, each cymbal offers its own tone and character. The thickness impacts the sound greatly: Metal and Rock drummers tend to opt for a thick heavy type whilst a thinner one suits Jazz and other contemporary styles.


At each PMT House of Drums drum shop, spread across the UK, we have hundreds of cymbal models in stock, all ready to demo before you buy. We are authorized dealers for all the best brands such as Sabian, Zildjian, PA Meinl, and Paiste, so you are sure to find great cymbals perfect for you!