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DJ Headphones and Monitoring Headphones allow you to accurately hear exactly what your audience can. Used predominantly in loud environments most are closed-cup meaning external sound from surrounding speakers is isolated and will not interfere. Some are tailored to hear the most important frequencies; crisp highs and rich lows. At the same time the accuracy of make them all-rounders at home in the studio, on the road and more. At the PMT Online DJ & Producer Shop we stock all the best headphone brands such as SennheiserBeyerdynamicYamahaShurePioneer & many others.


To the untrained eyes (and ears!) they may seem similar, but there are some important differences between them: because they've been designed for different purposes, they work in slightly different ways: a studio headphone is designed to deliver a more natural, "flat" response, ideal for recording and mixing, where sound fidelity is essential.

DJ headphone, on the other hand, is designed to deliver a punchier sound - with more bass and brighter treble, perfect to be used live, in a loud environment. Because they are designed to be used in rooms where music is played at loud volumes, they are traditionally closed back headphones. More bass allows the DJ to hear the beats much better, which is crucial when doing a DJ set.

Dj's also prefer swivel headphones, because they can hold it to one ear only, while still listening to what's being played to the audience through the PA. This is a feature not required when recording or mixing.

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