PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer
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PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive AR16 18-Channel Hybrid Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive AR16, 18-Channel Hybrid Performance and Recording Mixer Compact and built to be mobile, the StudioLive AR16 USB is a use..

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PreSonus StudioLive AR16, 18-Channel Hybrid Performance and Recording Mixer

Compact and built to be mobile, the StudioLive AR16 USB is a user-friendly all-in-one option for studio mixing and live performances. The simple, elegant mixing surface hides behind it a fully functional device with a wide array of connections and two different ways to record. Built specifically to make mixing and recording live shows, studio productions, band rehearsals and podcasts - amongst other things - more simple than ever before, the StudioLive AR16 USB hybrid mixer from PreSonus is set to take the world by storm.

Built by musicians, for musicians

This lightweight, versatile, feature-rich mixer is packed with analogue connections and digital tools, yet remains easy to learn and use. Compact and road-ready, the StudioLive AR16 provides a superior all-in-one solution for mixing and recording your performances, whether they be anlogue mixes using the famous PreSonus Class A preamps or multitrack recordings making use of the USB 2.0 digital audio interface.

All of the connections and controls you need

"The StudioLive AR16 USB mixer is packed with controls and connections needed for live and studio performances. Each of the four mono channels and four stereo channels is host to a 60 mm level-control fader; an XLR mic input with one of PreSonus' famous Class A preamps; 3-band EQ; and more. Outputs include two monitor mix outputs (each with a dedicated bus) for feeding stage wedges, a headphone ampe or an in-ear system, and control-room outputs for studio use (with level control to feed your studio monitors).

No need for DI boxes

With most other mixers, when plugging a guitar or bass directly into the desk it would need to be connected via an external direct (or DI) box. However, with the StudioLive AR12, channels 1 and 2 have high-impedance instrument intputs, meaning that you can plug your instrument directly into the board with no box needed!

The Super Channel

This unique channel (Stereo Channel 17/18) allows you to control the mixer with your high tech devices (such as phone, or tablet). Make use of the StudioLive AR16's unbalanced RCA and 1/8-inch stereo inputs to play stereo audio directly from the onboard SD recorder or from your USB-connected Mac/Windows PC. Utilise the onboard Bluetooth 4.1 function to pair your phone with the StudioLive AR16 to have instant access to your music library for break music, backing tracks or ear-training. The Super Channel gives you the option of connecting up to four stereo analogue and digital sources at once, enabling plenty of scope for use in a live or studio setting.

Record at any time you want

Whether you're rehearsing in a studio, broadcasting a Podcast or performing on stage, the StudioLive AR16 offers you two different ways in which to record: firstly, there's the option of connecting a computer/laptop to the mixer via the USB 2.0 interface where you'd be able to recording into any DAW software, making full use of the 18x4 multitrack digital recording to capture all input channels with an industry-standard 24-bit/96kHz sound quality. Secondly there's the option of utilising the onboard stereo SD recorder, which allows you to record on the fly and without the need for a computer!

Backing tracks, break music and clicks? Oh my...!

If you through the USB interface and SD recorder were there just for recording purposes, you are in for a surprise. The USB interface has been enabled to play back two stereo streams through the mixer, ideal for backing tracks, click tracks or program music. Additionally the SD recorder can be used to store and play up to 32GB of MP3 and .WAV files for hours of program music or backing tracks without the aid of a computer. As well as this, let's not forget that the Super Channel's Bluetooth feature also allows you to play break music directly from your smartphone.

Integrated software makes recording a snap

The StudioLive AR16 is tightly integrated with state-of-the-art recording software to aid you in reaching your goals. Make use of PreSonus' Capture live-recording software, then edit anything you're unhappy with in Studio One Artist DAW (both of which are included for free)

High-Quality Audio Effects

The StudioLive AR16 houses an internal stereo effects processor with 16 presets, including an array of different reverbs; chorus/delay; even a preset emulating an acoustically treated studio room for a warmer, more intimate tone. Also featuring a dedicated effects return (complete with master level fader) and dedicated monitor sends, the StudioLive AR12 allows you to accurately adjust the amount of effects available to your main and monitor mixes.

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"Channels & Buses:

  • 18-Channel mixer
  • 8 mono and 4 stereo channels, each with:
    • 60mm level fader
    • Pan
    • Mute
    • PFL solo
  • 1 stereo Super Channel (Ch. 17/18)
  • 2 monitor buses with PFL solo
  • 1 stereo effects bus
  • 1 stereo effects return with:
    • 60 mm master fader
    • Dedicated monitor sends
    • Effects bypass footswitch jack

Inputer & Outputs:

  • 2 instrument inputs
  • 16 balanced line inputs
  • 2 unbalanced inserts
  • 12 balanced mic inputs with -
    • Class A microphone preamp
    • Global 48V phantom power
  • Stereo Super Channel with -
    • Stereo RCA inputs
    • 1/8-inch stereo input
    • Switchable SD/USB stereo playback
    • Bluetooth 4.1 input
  • L/R XLR main outputs
  • 2 balanced TRS monitor outputs
  • 1 balanced TRS effects output
  • L/R Control Room outputs with level control
  • Headphone output with level control

Signal Processing:

  • Highpass filter on every channel
  • Mono channels - 3-band semi-parametric EQ with sweepable mid-band
  • Stereo channels - 3-band semi-parametric EQ
  • Stereo effects processor with 16 presets

Recording Options:

  • 18x4 24-bit/96kHz, USB 2.0 audio recording interface
    • Record every channel plus the main mix
  • 2x2 SD recorder
    • Record main mix
    • Supports SD and SDHC formats up to 32 GB

Integrated Software:

  • Capture recording software
  • Studio One 3 Artist recording and production software (DAW)


  • Internal power supply
  • Standard IEC power connector


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • 60mm faders
  • Rackmount kit included

Computer System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Apple) OR Windows 7/8/10 (PC)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 processor (Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 or faster recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 30 GB hard drive space (Studio One)
  • Internal or External 7200 RPM storage drive highly recommended
  • Monitor with 1366x768 resolution (high-dpi monitor recommended)

The minimum system requirements may differ for DAWs other than Studio One. Please check that the requirements for your DAW of choice with its manufacturer.

Note that the speed of your processor, amount of RAM and size/speed of your hard drive with greatly affect the overall performance of your recordig system. Also, a more powerful system (faster processor with more RAM) will allow for lower latency (signal delay) than you might experience while monitoring audio signals.

As a commitment to constant improvement, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., reserves the right to change any specification stated herin, at any time, without notification.


Weight (kg)6.4000
Software Includedpresonus capture, studio one artist daw
Power Supplyiec
Channels16 channels

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