Pearl D1000N Roadster Drum Throne
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Pearl D-1000N Roadster Drum Throne

by Pearl
The Pearl D-1000N Roadster Drum Throne offers road-ready durability with high end features for maximum comfort and optimum support to ensure..

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The Pearl D-1000N Roadster Drum Throne offers road-ready durability with high end features for maximum comfort and optimum support to ensure you play at your absolute best. With Reversible StopLock for a customised feel and double braced tripod for superb stability.

Robust Road-Ready Roadster Throne

The Pearl D1000N drum throne is part of Pearl’s highly popular D-1000 Series of drum stools.

Made for drummers of any size, these thrones were designed to provide maximum support and stability to ensure the most comfortable playing feel possible.

Pearl D-1000N Drum Throne Specifications:

  • High Density Foam Cushions
  • Reversible StopLock Collar
  • Height Adjustment: 19.49” – 26.18”
  • Large Rubber Feet

High Density Foam Cushion

The round top vinyl covered cushion of the Pearl D1000 drum throne is filled with a high-density foam to ensure a super soft comfortable feel.

The high density foam has been specifically selected to provide the ideal hardness needed to offer maximum support.

Selecting a supportive drum stool ensures that you have a safe playing position to avoid aches and pains that can occur if you continually play in an uncomfortable position.

The Pearl D-1000N drum stool top is adorned with the Pearl Roadster Logo for a stylish, professional aesthetic.


The base of the Pearl D 1000N drum stool features the innovatively designed Reversible StopLock Collar.

This feature allows you to either lock the seat top in place or let it spin depending on which you prefer.

The Pearl StopLock Collar locks and unlocks quickly and easily with a standard drum key for fast adjustment of your setting.

If you like a super stable, sturdy throne seat then lock it in place for a consistent seat position, or if you prefer to swivel when you play to extend your reach then leave it in spin mode for easy movement.

Dial in your desired playing feel with the Pearl D1000N Roadster throne.

Trident Design Tripod

This Pearl Roadster D1000N stool features a double braced trident design tripod base for solid structural integrity.

This design works to prevent lateral wobble when in use and stops the inevitable squeak that comes with a wobbly seat.

There’s nothing more troublesome than a squeaky seat when you’re in the middle of a recording session trying to record a clean take, and there’s nothing more off putting that a wobbly stool when you’re trying to perform at your best.

Pearl designed their D 1000N throne to combat these problems to ensure a comfortable set up that reliably supports your playing. 

Large Rubber Feet

The tripod base of the Pearl Roadster throne is finished with large rubber feet for improved stability and optimum grip.

The rubber feet also provide a non-slip contact with the floor surface for a reliably solid set up that will stay in place no matter how long you play for.

The robust tread of the large rubber feet also provides superb durability for a rugged base and longevity of use.

Adjustable Height

The Pearl D1000 stool has a height adjustment range of 19.49” – 26.18” allowing you to select your ideal seating position.

Whether you like to sit low and close to your kit or you prefer to ride high you can find your optimum seating height with the Pearl 1000 stool.


Featuring high end details like high density foam cushions for optimum support, StopLock collar for a customised feel and a double braced trident base for maximum stability, this Pearl Roadster D1000N provides superb support and comfort to ensure you achieve your best playing position to enable you to play for as long as you want.

A great choice for drummers of all sizes, this robust Pearl Roadster drum throne offers top features at a brilliant price.

For a road-ready, robust drum stool, buy the Pearl Roadster today!

Pearl D-100N Drum Throne Key Features:

  • Vinyl Covered Round Seat
  • High Density Foam Cushion
  • Reversible StopLock Collar
  • Height Adjustment – 19.49” – 26.18”
  • Trident Design Double Braced Tripod
  • Large Rubber Feet
  • Optimum, Customisable Comfort and Support
  • Professional Aesthetic



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