New QSC CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeaker Announced


We take a look at the all new QSC CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers designed for those who need professional quality PA sound, in a lightweight, easy to carry package

qsc cp series

The new QSC CP Series PA system gives users the same high performance, superior quality and lasting reliability they’ve come to expect from QSC loudspeakers, yet wraps it up in an ultra-compact design.

This is the perfect PA system for the travelling musicians, DJs, and those who need a lightweight PA that still packs a punch!

What’s so good about the QSC CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers?

The QSC CP series has been designed to be extremely compact and lightweight so you can essentially take it anywhere with you, hang it anywhere you like and transport it with ease. In addition, the team at QSC have also designed the PA speaker with a stylish, yet rugged, appearance.

Inside the QSC CP series you have a highly-efficient, 1000-watt power amplifier, matching transducers and advanced DSP, delivering performance beyond expectations for a loudspeaker of this size.

The smaller compact size of the CP Series means the loudspeaker is particularly lightweight, with the CP8 clocking in at 25.5 lbs (11.4 kg) and the CP12 weighing 36.3 (16.5 kg) making it extremely easy to load, carry, lift and set up in a wide range of portable and static/installed applications.

This makes the CP Series perfect for entertainers of all kinds, as well as educators, institutions and houses of worship. All users will appreciate the ability to mix up to three input sources (mic/line, line and music playback device) at once, making the QSC CP a great single-box PA system that sets up in seconds. This is a no fuss, highly professional PA system!

If you wanted to use the speaker as part of a larger system, CP can be deployed on a speaker pole, used as a floor monitor or as a musical instrument amplifier. If you’re installing a full system, you will especially appreciate CP’s lightweight and compact form factor when attaching it to a wall or truss (via optional yoke mount). And all users will enjoy one-touch DSP control with preset contours for the most common audio applications.

For added peace of mind, the CP Series compact, powered loudspeaker is protected by a global 3-year warranty upon product registration.

Key features of the QSC CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeaker

  • Compact and powerful performance
  • 1000 Watt peak power Class-D amplifier module
  • Easily selected contours for commonly-used applications
  • Advanced DSP with Intrinsic Correction™ for superior sound quality and speaker protection
  • Directivity Matched Transition™ (DMT) for consistent frequency response across the entire coverage area
  • Light weight and highly portable
  • Professional appearance looks great in any application
  • Use for main PA, stage monitor, or instrument amplifier
  • 35 mm pole socket
  • Optional yoke, tote, and outdoor cover accessories
  • Complete EASE and CAD information available online
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • CP8 Dimensions - 411 x 273 x 256 mm
  • CP12 Dimensions - 516 x 350 x 323 mm

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