Nektar SE25 Mini MIDI Controller Keyboard
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Nektar SE25 Mini MIDI Controller Keyboard

by Nektar
The Nektar SE25 is a mini MIDI controller keyboard giving you fantastic performance with portability to match. Make Music on The Move Inspir..

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The Nektar SE25 is a mini MIDI controller keyboard giving you fantastic performance with portability to match.

Make Music on The Move

Inspiration can hit you at any time so it’s important you have the tools necessary to capture your creativity at a moment’s notice, wherever you are.

Enter the Nektar SE25 – an extremely compact, highly portable MIDI keyboard that’s USB powered and offers fantastic performance and full DAW integration.

Nektar SE25 Mini MIDI Controller Keyboard Key Features:

  • 25 Velocity Sensitive Mini Keys
  • Three Different Velocity Curves
  • Assorted Performance Controls
  • Unique “2” Feature
  • Supports All Major DAWs
  • Nektar DAW Integration Mapping
  • USB Powered
  • Extremely Portable
  • Includes Fantastic Music Making Software
  • Includes Micro USB Cable

Great Playing Keyboard

Nektar wanted the SE25 to be extremely portable and able to fit right in your backpack.

To facilitate this, the SE25 has been equipped with mini keys but despite their small size, they don’t compromise on performance.

This newly developed mini-keyboard features 25 velocity-sensitive keys that offer a great feel for expressive performance.

You can even select from three different velocity curves to customise the keyboard to match your playing style!

Unique “2” Feature

A unique feature found on the Nektar SE25 MIDI controller is the “2” function.

With a simple press of the “2” button to the left of the keyboard, the SE25 will shift the octave, allowing you to add an octave or harmony layer while you play.

Let go of the “2” button and it’ll drop you back to your original settings.

But octave shifting isn’t the only thing the Part Two feature does. You can assign the “2” button to Octave, MIDI Channel, Transpose, Layer and Latch or a combination of these features.

You can use Part Two function to go back and forth between two different configurations whenever you want, adding huge amounts of real-time performance potential.

Expressive Performance Controls

Speaking of performance potential, the Nektar SE 25 MIDI controller also features Pitch Bend, Modulation and Sustain.

These great features are integral to dynamic and expressive keyboard performance but not often found on mini keyboards.

To the left of the SE25’s keyboard is a set of six buttons which are assigned to octave shift, sustain and transpose functions.

You can choose to assign the transpose button a range of parameters such as Pitch Bend, MIDI Volume, Pan and more.

Plus, for extra convenience and customisation, you can also use the “S” Sustain button for modulation control.

Intuitive DAW Integration

Not just allowing you to make music where you want, the Nektar SE25 keyboard allows you to make music how you want.

This compact and highly portable MIDI keyboard currently supports the following popular DAWs:

  • Bitwig
  • Cubase
  • Garageband
  • Logic
  • Nuendo
  • Digital Performer
  • Mixcraft
  • Reason
  • Reaper
  • Sonar
  • Studio One

Connect the Nektar SE25 to your computer and boot up your favourite DAW then just press the Play and Rewind buttons together.

The transport mode will boot up and Nektar DAW Integration software will give you control over your DAW’s transport bar.

You can even connect the Nektar SE25 keyboard to your iOS device such as the iPad by using a camera connection kit.

Included Software

Allowing you to create, compose and perform straight away, the Nektar SE 25 USB MIDI keyboard comes with the Bitwig 8-Track DAW.

Bitwig 8-Track gives you over 50 software instruments and effects for use on up to 8 audio or MIDI project tracks.

You can even use your third party VST plug-ins with Bitwig 8-Track too.

Also included with this software is the Bitwig Essentials Package which includes a wide range of loops, clips and samples to help you on your way to creating musical masterpieces.

Capture Your Creativity

Designed for incredible portability with uncompromising performance, the SE25 mini MIDI keyboard allows you to capture your creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

Buy the Nektar SE25 from Professional Music Technology now and never miss out on capturing those great ideas again!

Nektar SE25 Mini MIDI Controller Keyboard Specs:

  • 25 Velocity-Sensitive Mini Keys
  • 3 Velocity Curves (Default, Soft, Hard)
  • 6 Buttons: Octave Up/Down, PB1/PB2, Sustain, Part 2
  • PB1 & PB2 Buttons (Assignable to Pitch Bend, Transpose, Vol, Pan Track* or Patch* Change)
  • Part Two Button (Assignable to Octave, MIDI Channel, Transpose, Layer and Latch (Momentary))
  • “S” Button Assignable to Sustain or Modulation
  • Transport Control via Secondary Button Function*
  • Works With Any DAW or MIDI Music Software on OS X, Windows and Apple iOS
  • Connections: Micro USB Port (USB-Powered)

*Requires Nektar DAW Integration

System Requirements:

  • USB Class Compliant (No Driver Needed)
  • SE25: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Higher. Mac OS X 10.5 or Higher, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Compatible with Apple iOS (Requires Camera Connection Kit)
  • Nektar DAW Integration: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Higher. Mac OS X 10.7 or Higher.
  • (All other requirements dependent on the DAW software used, please consult the respective manual for further details)


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