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Natal Double Tom Stand
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Natal Double Tom Stand

by Natal
The Natal Double Tom Stand is a great alternative to mounting your stands off your bass drum. Offering great resonance and secure, precise p..

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The Natal Double Tom Stand is a great alternative to mounting your stands off your bass drum. Offering great resonance and secure, precise positioning.

Resonant Tom Mounting

Typically those with an undrilled bass drum will mount toms on snare stands but the result is often a great loss of tone as the snare basket dampens the shell. Opting to drill into your bass drum to mount toms there can lead to a reduction in the resonance of your bass. That’s why Natal have developed their Double Tom Mount stand to avoid both of these situations.

Double Tom Mount Technology

The Double Tom Mount (DTM) is part of Natal’s Pro Hardware Series. It features Natal’s revolutionary non-slip aluminium ball design that allows you to position your toms accurately at practically any angle you want. This ensures a secure, comfortable playing set up that will keep your toms exactly where you placed them no matter how hard you hit.

The aluminium ball is much more durable than the typical resin balls commonly used, which means you achieve greater hold and stability. Plus it won’t wear out as quickly so should last much longer than resin alternatives.

Natal toms fit perfectly to the stand using the Natal Resonance Mount (NRM).

More Mounting, Fewer Stands

Another ace feature of the DTM is that it has space to mount a boom cymbal arm so that you can further utilise the stand. Perfect for adding additional, crashes, splashes or effects cymbals without needing another stand.

Remember The Settings

The mounting arms of the Natal tom stand also feature memory locks enabling you to easily mark where you set your toms on the stand. This means you can quickly set your toms up consistently for a familiar comfortable playing position every time.

The height adjustable, double braced stand is robust enough to hold the weight of toms securely without fear of toppling over, while the rubber feet ensure slip-free positioning.


If you want a way to mount your toms that doesn’t compromise their tone, gives you the ability to mount two toms neatly from one stand without the use of additional clamps and features innovative design for secure positioning, the Natal Double Tom Stand is worth your consideration.

Natal Double Tom Stand Key Features:

  • Holds 2 toms
  • Able to mount a cymbal boom
  • Double Tom Mount with Aluminium Ball
  • Doesn’t dampen toms
  • Memory Locks
  • Double Braced
  • Rubber Feet



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