Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer Announced


Moog release their first Moog polysynth in over 30 years as announced by SOS Magazine

moog one

The team over at Sound On Sound Magazine have unveiled details of the Moog polysynth, code named LAS ("Long Awaited Synthesizer") due for a TBC released date. Let’s take a look at what they’ve said!

Although we have no official information yet about the Moog One, the article published on SOS states that the Moog One features an all analog signal path, will be available with eight or sixteen voices and was going to be launched very soon.

We will publish more information and have links up for pre-order as soon as we know, but call 0151 448 2089 to register your interest in the Moog One now.

According to SOS the ‘first production units of the newly named Moog One were completed in August 2018’ and we could be expecting to see the Moog Polysynth very soon as it was ‘within just days of release’.

moog one

Analog signal path

The Moog one will feature an all analog signal path with three newly designed oscillators per voice, as well as ‘an innovative noise generator, a flexible filter topology with a combination of multimode and Moog transistor ladder filters, and VCAs that you can overdrive to obtain the expect range of heavyweight sounds’.

The Moog One is also going to be a hybrid synth with extensive digital control over the signal path which users will find extremely useful.

According to the article, the modulation matrix will offer a range of sources and destinations which will be finalised soon.

moog one controls

Impressive effects

We do know that the Moog One will have multiple contour generators and LFO’s as well as an impressive effects section that ‘offers one effect per part, plus two master effects.’ According to the article, the effects are digital but ‘the effects lie in side-chains so that, if you bypass them, you can ensure that the audio signal remains in the analogue domain’. The effects have been designed in house by Moog but they have also collaborated with eventide to create an all new custom Reverb.

moog one knobs

Three part Multi-Timbral + 8 or 16 Voices

The Moog One will be multi-timbral so it can perform three individual synthesizers simultaneously. This means you can enjoy sounds split, layered or in different keyboard zones. Each synth will have its own sound parameters including note range, arpreggiator and sequencing with a range of preset options so you can instantly access your favourite tones.

In addition, there will be 2 different options as you have the choice of a Moog One with eight or sixteen voices which SOS have described as ‘the most advanced architecture ever conceived for a Moog synthesizer’. We can't wait to see it!

moog one polysynth

We will have more information on the all-new Moog One Polysynth as we get it, but call 0151 448 2089 to register your interest today.


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