Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18" Trash Stack
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Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18in Trash Stack Cymbal

by Meinl
The Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18" Trash Stack Cymbal injects a new edge of trashy tone to the cut, clarity and volume of this popular cymba..

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The Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18" Trash Stack Cymbal injects a new edge of trashy tone to the cut, clarity and volume of this popular cymbal range.

Trashy Stack Accents

Released at NAMM 2019, the 18" Trash Stack is one of 13 new models introduced to the popular Classics Custom Dark range.

Adding a new trashy dimension to the clear, cutting tone that this cymbal series is known for, this Meinl Trash Stack provides a brilliant way to add some chunky, white noise style accents to your playing.

Designed for loud drummers and hard hitters, the cutting power of this trash stack makes it the ideal choice for loud, live situations when you need to cut through the mix.

Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18” Trash Stack Cymbal Key Features:

  • Clear Cut
  • Trashy Tone
  • Bright Sound
  • Ideal for Loud Volume Settings
  • Striking Looks

Holey Trash, Striking Stripes

Every one of the cymbals in the Meinl Classics Custom Dark series goes through a special finishing process to create the dark, complex tone and clear cut that characterise the range.

The finishing process, in addition to producing a distinctive sound, also provides a cymbal with a strikingly different black, striped appearance that sets it apart from the traditional cymbal aesthetic.

The addition of the large hole patterning to the stack cymbals not only enhances the look it also creates the sharp, trashy character of the cymbal sound.

The combination of lathing and widely spaced, deep hammering helps to round out the sound of the stack to add a warmer character to the tone that perfectly complements the sharp attack.

Cutting Attack, Trashy Tone

Providing a brilliant blend of clear, cutting volume and dark, complex tone filled with trashy sharpness, this 18” Trash Stack adds a new dimension to the Classics Custom Dark sound.

The 18" Meinl Trash Stack provides a superb way to expand your sound setup and push your creativity by adding some electronic, white noise style trash tone to your kit.

Able to cut through the loudest of guitar tones, this stack produces a sharp punch of accenting tone to make sure you’re always heard.


Combining clear, cutting attack with short, sharp trashiness, this 18” Stack is the perfect option for the diverse modern drummer who wants to expand their sound.

Delivering impactful accents, this stack cuts through loud music settings to provide clear musical embellishments to your playing.

The use of the special finishing process serves to provide a stack with striking looks and a warm character that perfectly complements the sharp, attacking tone.

To get your hands on sharp, clear cut and dark trashy tone, buy the Meinl Classics Custom 18” Trash Stack now from Professional Music Technology Online!

Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18" Trash Stack Specifications:

  • Styles: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio
  • Timbre: Bright
  • Character: Musical, Rich
  • Pitch: High-Mid
  • Volume: Medium
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Weight: Medium
  • Finish: Dark
  • Material: B10
  • Lathe: Wide Blade


Weight (kg)4.0000
Cymbal Seriesclassics custom dark
Cymbal Typestack

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