Meinl Byzance Traditional 14" Medium Hi-Hats
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Meinl Byzance Traditional 14" Medium Hi-Hats

by Meinl
The Meinl Byzance Traditional 14” Medium Hi-Hats deliver a soft warm stick sound, with a controlled open tone and a crisp chick for a set ..

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The Meinl Byzance Traditional 14” Medium Hi-Hats deliver a soft warm stick sound, with a controlled open tone and a crisp chick for a set of versatile hats that provide a wide dynamic range.

Meinl Byzance Traditional Hi-Hats

In keeping with the rest of the Byzance Traditional series, these Meinl medium hi-hats feature a combination of hand hammering and lathing to deliver a stunning finish and a unique sound.

Ideal for a wide range of musical styles, these 14” hi-hats are characterised by their dark, warm tone.

Offering a variety of sound options from soft closed sticking to controlled open wash and unobtrusive chick, these Meinl hi-hats are an ideal choice for the diverse modern drummer.

Meinl Byzance Traditional 14” Medium Hi-Hats Key Features:

  • Wide Dynamic Spectrum
  • Soft, Warm Stick Sound
  • Controlled Open sound
  • Crisp Chick

Wide Dynamic Spectrum

From the lightest delicate tap to the strongest full on hit, these hi-hats respond accordingly to deliver a true representation of your intended tone.

Offering an extremely wide dynamic range, the Byzance Traditional hi-hats produce everything from a tiny whisper to a loud shout.

This makes them ideal for a variety of musical settings and genres. Whether you play pop and funk, hip-hop and jazz or rock and metal, these hi-hats are adaptable enough to hold their own in any situation.

Soft Stick

The Meinl Traditional Medium Hi-Hats provide a soft, warm stick sound.

Regardless of the music style you’re playing, these hi-hats sit well in the mix and offer a robust, responsive overall tone.

They’re medium weight serves to offer a robust playing feel for a set of hi-hats that give back as good as they get.

The more you lay into them the more they will respond for a truly dynamic playing experience.

Controlled Open Wash

The open sound of these Byzance Traditional Hi-Hats is warm, bright and controlled.

Offering a rugged and robust playing response, the open sound of these hi-hats is ideal for adding extra emphasis and weight to your playing.

Providing an increased volume that remains controlled, these Meinl Hi-Hats don’t tip into the realms of intrusive or overpowering.

Instead they produce a well-rounded, comfortable tone that slots neatly into the overall kit sound.

Crisp Chick

Hands free playing of these hi-hats delivers a clear, crisp delicate chick sound.

Perfect for time keeping and tom playing accompaniment, these Meinl Traditional Medium Hi-Hats offer a soft, snappy chick sound for an overall compact and controlled foot response.


Providing a versatile blend of soft warm stick, controlled open wash and clear chick, the Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-Hats are a superb choice for the adaptable drummer.

Offering a superbly wide dynamic range, these hi-hats work well in a variety of volume settings.

Whether you’re switching from style to style or you’re sticking with your preferred genre, these hi-hats deliver a sound that slots brilliantly into a wide range of musical situations.

For versatile warm tone with controlled wash and a clear chick, grab the Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium 14” Hi-Hats from PMT Online now!

Meinl Byzance Traditional 14” Medium Hi-Hat Specifications:

  • Styles - Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RnB, Reggae, Studio, World
  • Timbre - Mid-Bright
  • Character - Warm, Smooth
  • Pitch - High-Mid
  • Volume - Medium
  • Sustain - Medium
  • Weight - Medium
  • Finish - Traditional
  • Material - B20
  • Lathe - Narrow Blade



Weight (kg)1.0000
Cymbal Seriesbyzance traditional
Cymbal Typehi-hat

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