Meinl 12" Pratice Pad
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Meinl 12 inch Practice Pad

by Meinl
The Meinl 12” Practice Pad offers a compact, convenient, quiet way for drummers to practice their rudiments and chops. Extremely port..

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The Meinl 12” Practice Pad offers a compact, convenient, quiet way for drummers to practice their rudiments and chops. Extremely portable, this practice pad is ideal for the drummer on the go.

Meinl Practice Pad

Quiet, Mountable and Durable this 12” Meinl Practice Pad offers a realistic playing feel allowing drummers to practice their chops with ease.

Ideal for pre-gig warm ups, quiet practice at home or practicing on the go, this portable pad is the perfect present for the drummer in your life.

Meinl 12” Practice Pad Specifications:

  • 12” Diameter
  • Can Be Mounted in Standard Snare Stand
  • Durable Surface
  • Realistic Feel

Essential Tool

A really important part of learning to play the drums is to develop and improve upon the standard drum rudiments.

Often referred to as the vocabulary that allows drummers to speak fluently on the drum kit, rudiments are an essential part of becoming a well-rounded drummer.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have a practice pad that you can use to specifically dedicate time to developing your rudiment playing.

And, with its stylish aesthetic, realistic playing feel and portable size, this Meinl practice pad is a brilliant choice.

Realistic Feel

Featuring a robust, durable pad surface, this Meinl Practice Pad has been specifically designed to deliver a realistic playing feel to replicate the response of a normal drumhead.

Providing a realistic feel allows drummers to develop their playing skills in a natural way so that they can move seamlessly from pad to kit without a large difference in feel and response.

Durable Surface

The durable build of this Meinl MPP-12 pad means it can withstand the heaviest of hitters so that no matter how much you abuse this pad it will remain intact, ready for another round of practice whenever you are.

Easily Mountable

The 12” diameter of this practice pad means it can be easily mounted to a standard snare stand for a secure hold and precise placement.

The ability to place this pad within a snare stand also ensure a consistently comfortable playing position.

Or, you can simply use the pad on a table top or by placing it on top of your snare drum for convenient quiet practice.

Keep it Quiet

The quiet nature of this practice pad makes it the perfect option for late night or early morning rehearsals.

It’s also great for practice when you’re out and about, for example on lunch at work or back stage before a gig, and you don’t want to interrupt others.

Stylish Aesthetic

The 12” practice pad features a black design with red and white edge detailing and a red central Meinl logo.

Offering a classy, professional look with a pop of colour, this is a stylish pad that will complement the trendiest of drummers.


Forget the noise complaints and the excuses not to practice, the Meinl 12” Practice Pad provides the option to keep up with your training, quietly and conveniently whenever you wish.

With its realistic playing feel, durable build and great portability, this is the ideal pad to throw into your bag ready for use on the go.

Whether you mount it on a stand or use it on a table top, the Meinl practice pad will provide you with the compact set up you need to build your chops.

For portable, realistic feeling, quiet practice grab the Meinl 12” Practice Pad today from PMT Online!

Meinl 12” Practice Pad Key Features:

  • An Essential Tool for the Developing Drummer
  • Can Be Mounted in a Standard Snare Stand
  • Allows Quiet Practice
  • Compact, Portable 12” Diameter
  • Realistic Playing Feel
  • Durable Build
  • Stylish Aesthetic



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