Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack with Hardware
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Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack with Hardware Mapex Mars Fusion Bloodwood Shell Pack with Hardware Mapex Mars Fusion Bloodwood Finish Mapex HP6005 Hardware Set Mapex Mars Fusion MA504SF Configuration

Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack with HP6005 Hardware

by Mapex
The Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack comes complete with Mapex Mars 600 Hardware to ensure you have the main elements you need..

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The Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack comes complete with Mapex Mars 600 Hardware to ensure you have the main elements you need in one convenient package. Featuring 100% birch shallow shells for a fast, clear tone this fusion size kit is highly portable and offers a versatile tone for all playing styles. A cost-effective way to upgrade your drum set up.

Mapex Mars Fusion with Hardware

Delivering the essentials you need in one convenient, cost-effective package, this Mapex Mars Bloodwood Shell Pack comes complete with a 5-piece hardware pack.

Simply add cymbals are you’re good to go!

The birch shells provide brilliant projection and a full low-end tone ideal for a wide range of musical styles, while the robust, durable double braced hardware provides a lightweight stable setup. 

The ideal way to upgrade your drum kit set up in one go, this convenient package offers great value compared to buying the kit and hardware separately.

Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack Configuration:

  • 20 x 16” Bass Drum
  • 10 x 7” Rack Tom
  • 12 x 8” Rack Tom
  • 14 x 12” Floor Tom
  • 14 x 6.5” Matching Snare Drum

Mapex Mars HP6005 Hardware Pack Includes:

  • 2 x B600 Boom Cymbal Stands
  • 1 x H600 Hi-Hat Stand
  • 1 x S600 Snare Stand
  • 1 x P600 Single Bass Drum Pedal

Birch Build

The shells of the Mapex Mars kit are constructed from 6 plies of birch to deliver a shell thickness of 7.2mm for a good balance of durability and resonance.

Birch is characterised within drum building by it’s boosted high end, reduced midrange and brilliant low-end frequency response for an overall loud and cutting tone.

Ideal for a wide range of musical styles, birch provides a versatile tone to cover all genres. The attacking top end makes it great for rock and pop, while the low-end warmth is also great for jazz.

Fast Fusion, Shallow Shells

The Mars Fusion kit, as the name says, features smaller fusion shell sizes to offer a compact set up with a quick tone.

The smaller diameters and shallow shell depths help to produce a much faster, clear tone than larger drums, with a much quicker rebound.

The result is a drum kit with pronounced and precise tone for a clean, neat overall sound.

Offering a brilliant happy medium, the Mapex Mars Fusion is a highly portable kit for rock drummers who are tired of carting round large set ups, while also being a great option for jazz drummers in need of more versatility than their standard 1 up 1 down configuration.

Plus, the smaller sizes mean this kit is extremely portable and space saving, making it ideal for both gigging drummers and those looking for a smaller home practice kit.

SONIClear Bearing Edges

As with all Mapex kits, the Mars Fusion is finished with Mapex’s proprietary SONIClear Bearing Edges.

Mapex have developed this bearing edge technology to allow the drumhead to sit flatter on the drum for improved contact between the shell and head.

They believe this results in a stronger, deeper fundamental pitch, easier more consistent tuning and a significantly expanded tuning range.

Ultimately what this means is drums that are much quicker to tune and that stay in tune longer, so you can spend far less time tuning and much more time drumming. Winner!

Mapex Mounts

The Mapex Mars Fusion comes complete with the SONIClear Tom Suspension Mount for easy placement and secure positioning of the rack toms over the bass drum.

The tom suspension mounts have been specifically designed to avoid having to drill into the drums, which can negatively impact their tone.

Instead they work with the drum, instead of against it, to deliver increased overall resonance and stable tom placement without interfering with shell vibration.

The mounts also distribute weight to keep stress away from the tension rods which helps the heads to stay in tune.

The floor tom also features SONIClear floor tom feet, again designed to aid shell resonance by reducing vibration transfer from the floor to the tom.

Beautiful Bloodwood

Finished in a stylish red Bloodwood grained design, this 5-piece Mars Fusion drum kit delivers a super smart aesthetic.

The natural grain of the shells can be seen through the deep, maroon red tone of the Bloodwood finish to create a classy, professional look.

The shining chrome hardware, black and chrome Mapex badges and chrome low-contact bass drum claws of the kit work brilliantly to accentuate the stunning Bloodwood finish for a super sleek appearance.

This is definitely a kit that looks as good as it sounds!

Mapex Mars Hardware

Not only do you get a stunning sounding and looking drum kit, Mapex have also thrown in the hardware too!

Featuring a 5-piece hardware pack the Mapex Mars Fusion comes with all the essential hardware you need for a full and complete kit setup.

The Mars HP6005 hardware set consists of two boom stands, a hi-hat stand, snare stand and single bass drum pedal.

All the stands are double braced to ensure a stable and sturdy set up and the snare stand features an omni-ball adjuster for quick and easy snare placement to ensure you achieve your most comfortable playing position.

Offering super stability, you can rely on the Mapex Mars 600 hardware to stay solid from the studio to the stage.

In addition to its reliable durability, this hardware is also extremely lightweight making it ideal for younger players and for gigging drummers. 

The two boom cymbal stands offer brilliant flexibility to ensure you’re able to set you cymbals exactly where you need them.

The single chain driven bass drum pedal and the hi-hat stand both deliver a smooth, responsive playing feel for a brilliantly comfortable setup.

Overall this is a highly functional, lightweight and durable hardware pack that complements the Mapex Mars Fusion kit perfectly.

Simply add a stool and you’re ready to rock!


Offering a brilliantly cost-effective package of shells and hardware, this Mars Fusion is a brilliant choice for the intermediate drummer or those looking to upgrade their first drum kit.

The all birch shells offer superb top end projection and full, low end warmth for a great well-rounded sound that’s ideal for all music styles.

The smaller shell sizes ensure a compact, space saving, highly portable configuration that delivers super punchy, quick tone.

Add to that the robust, adjustable, lightweight hardware package and this is a truly great value for money package.

Delivering luscious looks, superb sound and highly functional hardware, the Mapex Mars Fusion Shell Pack with HP6005 Hardware is a deal that’s hard to ignore.

Grab yours today from PMT Online!

Mapex Mars Fusion 5-Piece Bloodwood Shell Pack Key Features:

  • 5 Piece Kit – 20x16”, 10x7” & 12x8” rack toms, 14x12” floor tom and 14” x 6.5” snare
  • 100% Birch
  • 6ply 7.2mm Shells
  • SONIClear Bearing Edges
  • SONIClear Tom Suspension and Floor Tom Feet
  • Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
  • Bloodwood Finish
  • Matching Snare Drum
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Deep, Balanced and Responsive

Mapex Mars HP6005 Hardware Key Features:

  • 5 Piece Set - 2 x Boom Cymbal Stands, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Single Pedal
  • Double Braced Stands
  • Durable and Stable
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Omni-Ball Snare Adjuster
  • Chrome Finish



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