Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer
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Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer

by VOX
The Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer is like having your own personal vocal coach helping you improve and refine your vocals with ease. A Voca..

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The Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer is like having your own personal vocal coach helping you improve and refine your vocals with ease.

A Vocal Coach In The Palm of Your Hand

Your vocals are your instrument and just like a guitar has tuners, your vocals will benefit from one too.

Using the Korg VPT-1 you can easily make sure you're singing at the correct pitch before any performance and have the confidence to take your vocals to the next level.

Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer Key Features:

  • Dedicated Pitch Trainer for Vocals
  • Five-Line Staff Note Display
  • Three Adjustable Tuning Levels or "Difficulty" Settings
  • Sound Out Function for Reference Tone
  • Sound Back Function Plays Tone Closest To Your Vocal Input

Vocal Pitch Trainer from World Leader in Tuners

Korg have been developing instrument tuners for over 40 years and they've put all their decades of experience into creating the Korg VPT-1; a pitch trainer designed specifically for vocals.

You may have noticed that your voice always sounds different in recordings to how it sounds in your head. With this in mind, how can you be sure your pitch is 100% correct?

Designed vertically to be held in your hand while you sing, with the Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer, you will train yourself to sing completely accurately and improve your performance.

Five-Line Staff Note Display

When you sing into the Korg VPT-1's internal microphone, it will show you the note you sang on a five-line staff with both treble and bass clefs being displayed.

To the left of the man display, red LEDs will light up to show you if your pitch is high or low. Once only the blue LED in the centre is lit, you are perfectly singing the correct note.

Using the Octave Shift function, you can set the Korg VPT-1 to match your vocal range and keep your performance displayed on the staff.

Three Levels of "Difficulty"

Allowing you to get the most out of the Korg VPT-1 and your vocals, it has three different "difficulty" settings.

The settings adjust how strict the VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer is.

You can start with Easy and when you're hitting the mark every time, move up to Medium.

When this is mastered, you can go up to Hard to further refine your vocal performance.

Sound Out and Sound Back

Another great feature of the Korg VPT-1 is its sound out function that generates a specified reference tone. When you're practising without backing, it can be hard to find your starting point so this feature is essential.

You can also use this feature to improve your relative pitch by listening to the reference tone and matching the pitch with your vocals.

There's also the sound back function which produces the reference tone that's closest to the pitch you're singing. Between this and the LEDs, you'll find it easy to fine tune your vocals and get the notes you need.

Easy to Use and Compact

Easy to use and incredibly compact, you can take the Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer anywhere so you can practice the right way, whenever you want.

Buy the Korg VPT-1 now and improve your vocal performance with ease.


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