Korg RK100S Keytar Synthesizer and Vocoder in Red
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Korg RK100S Keytar Synthesizer and Vocoder in Red

by Korg
With a range of new features including an arpeggiator, vocoder and synth engine the RK-100S builds on the original Korg keytar in every way...

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With a range of new features including an arpeggiator, vocoder and synth engine the RK-100S builds on the original Korg keytar in every way. One big part of the appeal of keytars is that special look and feel of finished wood that you get with a guitar.

Get the RK-100S in Red, White and Black finishes.

Korg RK-100S Features:
  • Plug In And Play - Simply jack in with a cable and your get instant access to the MMT synth engine. With everything from subtractive to formant, noise and PCM. Start up the arpeggiator for instant inspiration.
  • Total Control - With 37 keys and two ribbon controllers you've got all you need to play, subtly adjust pitch and change the synth filter.
  • Vocoding With Audio Input - Attach the (optional) headset mic for built in vocoding. Added stage presence and performance synth possibilities.
  • Battery Operated - Runs on 6 x AA alkaline batteries or use the AC adapter at home.
  • MIDI Controller And Deep Editing - Use the MIDI Out to control external gear or get deep down into the sound engine using free PC editing software.


Korg On The RK-100S

It grabbed your attention on stage and never let it go. There used to be a keyboard that was truly this cool. Keyboard performance that's smart and active. Music may change with the times, but its style is unshaken. Introducing the KORG RK-100S.

Appearing in 1984, the RK-100 remote keyboard broke the chains of keyboardists, setting them free to perform as they liked. With a stylish body available in four colors, it allowed the keyboard player to challenge the vocalist or guitarist for the main role on stage.

Now, thirty years later, the RK has been resurrected. Although beautiful curved surfaces have been added, the essence of the original and very popular design is unchanged. What had been a somewhat large and heavy body has been made more compact and lightweight thanks to modern components such as a slim keyboard. While the original required an external sound module, the new RK-100S contains a built-in analog modeling sound generator.

New features and functions include two ribbon controllers, an arpeggiator, and a vocoder, and there are also "favorite" buttons that allow you to register frequently-used sounds for one-touch selection. The RK-100S is your choice for smarter, more active, and more enjoyable performance.


Weight (kg)8.0000
Effects2-band eq, 17 effect algorithm master effects
Power Supplysix aa battery (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride), or optional ac adapter (dc 9 v)
USB ConnectionYes
Warranty2 years
Number of Keys37 keys
Synthesis Typemmt (multiple modeling technology)

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