Korg NCQ1 Smart Noise Cancelling headphones, in Black
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Korg NCQ1 Smart Noise Cancelling headphones, in Black Black NCQ1 noise cancelling DJ headphones from Korg

Korg NCQ1-BK Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black

by Korg
Introducing the Korg NCQ1-BK: a set of black, Smart Noise Cancelling DJ headphones, with incredible high-definition audio. A New Era In Head..

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Introducing the Korg NCQ1-BK: a set of black, Smart Noise Cancelling DJ headphones, with incredible high-definition audio.

A New Era In Headphone Monitoring

Featuring the latest in Bluetooth technology, these headphones are designed to deliver unsurpassed hi-defiinition sound, whilst protecting your ears in the loudest of environments.

With cutting-edge noise cancelling, state of the art sound attenuation, and much more besides, the NCQ1 headphones offer a combination of a great sound experience with power, control, and versatility.

Whether you're a professional DJ, drummer, or FOH engineer, these headphones are perfect for helping tame those sound levels without loss of quality.

Korg NCQ1-BK Smart Noise Cancelling DJ Headphones Highlights

  • Outstanding Noise Cancelling and Sound Filtering
  • Attenuation function for very noisy environments
  • Smart monitoring with Sound enhancing (Volume/EQ control)
  • Clear, precise High-resolution audio with wide frequency response
  • Controls that are easy to access, intuitive and flexible
  • Bluetooth, Siri/Google assistant, popular CODECs supported
  • Hands-free calling with Clear audio and beamforming for clear voice pickup.
  • Rechargeable battery; 36 hours of use on a single charge

Protect Your Ears

As any professional performer will know, continuous exposure to dangerous sound levels at your performances can be a very bad thing.

Luckily, the Korg NCQ1's are specially designed to minimise this exposure, keeping your ear-drums safe night after night.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Thanks to the inclusion of both Feed-forward and Feedback Active Noise Cancelling technology, these headphones are designed to handle and process even dangerously-high leels of sound without distorting.

Unlike other noise-cancelling headphones though, the NC-Q1 features microphones on both the inside and outside of the ear cup, which work to suppress a broad band of frequencies, minimising high noise levels better than most other headphones in its class.

Comfortable To Wear

As if that wasn't enough, the adaptable, memory-foam cushions over the ear cup ensures that the highest levels of comfort are achieved, along with a precise fit to your ears.

This results in excellent levels of noise isolation, ensuring precision and accuracy when it comes to cancelling unwanted noise.

The DJ's New Best Friend

In addition to being excellent at noise-cancelling in extreme environments, these headphones are also ideal for use in a DJ booth.

Featuring Smart Monitoring and Sound Enhancing functions, you can customise what external sounds you hear via the EQ presets, and adjust the volume balance from left to right.

Full-Connectivity, Easy Control

As well as being compatible with a huge range of Bluetooth codecs, these headphones also give you remote access to both Goggle Assistant and Siri, making sure you're always well connected with the world around you.

With its combination of physical buttons/switches and a tactile responseive ear cup, you can easily activate or deactivate the monitoring function with a simple tap or hold.

Not only that, but thanks to the Smark Transport control function, your audio streaming will automatically stop on your playback device if you remove the NCQ1's.

Pristine Sound And Professional Performance

With their wide frequency and harmonic response, alongside a wide dynamic range, these headphones offer a precise, clear, and well-balanced sound.

If you're looking for a new set of professional-grade headphones, with high-resolution audio, two AUDIO IN physical inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity, then the Korg NCQ1's are definitely for you.


  • Dimensions: 158.5 x 204.0 x 84.0
  • Weight: Approx 321g(without cable) TBD
  • Type of Headphone: Dynamic / Closed headphones
  • Diaphragm Materials: 5 layers of PEEK&PU
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 25000 Hz
  • Compatible Bluetooth Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, APTx-HD
  • Types of EQ Available: 3 (Hi Boost / Hi Cut / Lo Boost /Lo Cut /  Loud)
  • Type of Cable: 1.5 m long cable
  • Type of Plug: Stereo minijack
  • Internal Battery: 1,200mA Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Charging Time: 3.5h approx. (TBD)
  • Autonomy: 36h (maximum)
  • USB 2.0 (to charge the battery), Bluetooth 4.1
  • Included Items: 3.5mm  6.35 mm stereo converter plug, Carrying bag, USB cable


Weight (kg)2.0000
Warranty2 years
Cup Typeover-ear

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