Korg Krome Platinum 61 Music Workstation
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Korg Krome Platinum 61 Music Workstation

by Korg
Krome 61, an awesomely powerful 61 key synthesizer workstation from Korg. Limited Edition Platinum Korg Krome Music Workstation Offering f..

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Krome 61, an awesomely powerful 61 key synthesizer workstation from Korg.

Limited Edition Platinum Korg Krome Music Workstation

Offering full-length and unlooped amples of every key to ensure incredible piano sound, the Krome 61 really raises the bar for instruments in this class.

A new standard for sonic excellence, KROME is an awesome keyboard for the gigging musician and provides an infinite palette of sound for incredible inspiration, allowing your own creativity and expression to shape your sound.

Krome, being KORG’S premium standard in music workstations, is now available in a very fitting colour – platinum. This limited edition model is adds a touch of class to an already stellar synth workstation.

Korg Krome 61 Synthesizer Workstation Key Features:

  • 3.8GB High-capacity PCM memory
  • KRONOS-derived full length, unlooped piano and drum sounds, plus new electric pianos designed to shine on stage
  • The Korg workstation ideal for any style of piano playing
  • Electric pianos with eight-level velocity switching for unmatched expressive power
  • Drums offering separately mixable direct and ambient sounds for studio-grade quality
  • Drum Track plays back realistic, inspiring grooves at the touch of a button
  • Expertly created, in-demand sounds including 640 Programs and 288 Preload Combinations
  • Distinctive aluminium panel design exudes a sense of quality
  • Clear, intuitive control with Korg’s exclusive 7-inch colour TouchView™ display
  • USB connection to your computer, plus an SD Card slot for data storage
  • You can use the KROME editor to edit sounds on your computer

Professional Level Sound

Korg’s KROME 61 workstation features a specially chosen selection of great quality sounds from standard keyboard instruments such as piano and electric piano and even drum kits.

Highly usable and versatile, the sounds alone set the KROME apart from many other keyboards in its class but with the inclusion of incredible features normally found on more expensive instruments, the KROME truly raises the bar and presents a whole new standard.

Acoustic Piano

Piano sounds probably the most critical in a keyboard instrument and so KROME borrows the incredibly impressive and popular German D Grand that was originally created for the KRONOS flagship.

Not only does the Krome 61 keyboard have 88 full-length unlooped stereo samples but damper resonance is included too, giving your sound extreme realism.

PCM memory for just the German D Grand alone occupies several tens of times more memory capacity than the entire PCM memory used in your average workstation or PCM synthesizer.

Electric Piano

Korg are also aware that the Electric Piano sound can be just as important as the acoustic piano sound to many keyboardists and so KROME features three types of high quality electric pianos.

Ustilising eight velocity levels, the Krome 61 delivers a faithful response to the player’s expression with a large amount of PCM memory dedicated to this purpose, so much so that the electric piano types on the Krome 61 contain more sample data than the entire sound memory of most PCM synthesizers.

Additionally, vintage amps, cabinets and an assortment of classic effects are built-in to ensure that everything from the touch to the sound is enjoyable and authentic.

Studio-Quality Drum Sounds

Built-in drum kits are an integral part of song production on any music workstation and so KROME contains the same “Jazz Ambience Drums” found on the Korg KRONOS.

Taking full advantage of the high-capacity PCM memory, Korg have ensured these sounds capture an amazingly high level of response and realism.

You can even adjust where the “microphone” is placed in relation to the drum kit, allowing creation of a rich drum sound which the exact balance and character your creativity requires.

Additional Sounds to Inspire Creativity

Inspire your creativity with the in-built 640 Programs and 288 Combinations, each of which has been carefully created by professional studio and performing musicians.

Great for real-world use, allowing you to build rich and clean backing parts or have them front and centre for solo performance. You can even customise, adjust, create and save your own sounds.

Premium Features

Displaying numerous parameters at once, KROME has a huge 800 x 480 pixel TouchView colour display monitor that ensures great visibility. By tapping and finger-dragging, you can touch the screen to change sounds and edit parameters.

The KROME 61 also features a semi-weighted keyboard for great feel and response; perfect for playing any style of piano to dynamic organ performance and incendiary synth solos!

Korg Krome 61 Synthesizer Workstation Specs:


  • Semi Weighted Keyboard
  • *velocity sensitive is supported, after touch is not supported
  • *Standard C2 - C7 (transposable in the range [C1...C6]-[C3...C8])
  • Semi Weighted Keyboard *velocity sensitive is supported, after touch is not supported *Standard C2 - C7 (transposable in the range [C1...C6]-[C3...C8])

Sounds – Maximum Polyphony

  • 120 Voices (120 Oscillators) / Single Mode
  • 60 Voices (120 Oscillators) / Double Mode

Sounds – PCM Memory

  • 3.8GB (in case of 48kHz, 16-bit Linear PCM Converted)
  • 583 Multisamples (including 12 Stereo multi-samples)
  • 2080 drumsamples (including 474 Stereo drumsamples)

Outputs – Audio Output (L/MONO, R):

  • 6.3mm (Mono) Phone Jack, Unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: 1.1 [kOhms] (L/Mono Terminal: In case of Mono output, = 550 Ohms)
  • Maximum Level: +16.0 [dBu], Load Impedance: more than 10 kOhms

Control Input

  • Damper Pedal (Half Damper Supported)
  • Assignable Switch
  • Assignable Pedal


  • MIDI: In, Out
  • Interface: USB-MIDI Interface (Type B) x 1
  • SD Card Slot: Max – 2GB/SD Memory Card is Supported, Max – 32GB/SDHC Memory Card is Supported, (SDXC Memory Card is Not Supported)


Weight (kg)30.0000
Number of Keys61 keys

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