Korg G1B AIR-WH Digital Piano
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Korg G1B AIR-WH Digital Home Piano, White

by Korg
The Korg G1B is a brand new digital Home Piano that offers improved stability, build quality and the same great sound as the original Korg G..

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The Korg G1B is a brand new digital Home Piano that offers improved stability, build quality and the same great sound as the original Korg G1 Series.

A stylish, sophisticated digital piano for any home

Decades of Korg's ground breaking piano sound research and technology have culminated in the G1B Air; a digital piano that perfectly responds from the gentlest of pianissimo performances to the most powerful and striking fortissimo. A fully immersive sound, incredible playing experience and beautiful design come together within the Korg G1B to completely raise the bar for digital pianos.

In addition to the three main concert grand piano sounds, the G1 also provides electric piano, clavi, organ, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, string sounds and a lot more totalling 32 incredibly expressive sounds. You also get three high-quality effects; brilliance, chorus and reverb.

Now re-designed to improve the aesthetic of the backboard, alongside a rugged, robust pedalboard that makes cabling around the Piano much easier, the G1B is one of Korg's most elegant Digital Pianos to date.

Korg G1B Key Features:

  • New & Improved Design with new backboard and pedalboard
  • 88-Note, RH3 Weighted Hammer Action keybed
  • Renowned Piano Models from Germany, Austria and Japan
  • Expressive, Dynamic sensitivity that responds to your playing
  • Damper, Soft, Sostenuto Pedalboard included
  • 4 x 20 Watt Built-in Speakers
  • 40 Built-In Songs with 2-Track Song Recorder
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Brilliance, Reverb & Chorus Effects

Three of The World's Finest Concert Grand Pianos in One

With no one piano meeting the needs for every pianist, Korg decided to recreate three of the world's finest concert grand pianos and give you the opportunity to perform on each of them via the G1B Air.

Taking cues from the leading piano manufacturers of Germany, Austria and Japan, the G1B Air allows you to experience three completely different grand pianos. The Austrian Piano has a rich heritage and offers a warm yet brilliantly colourful sound. The German Piano is possibly the most famous piano in the world and has become the choice of many top concert pianists for many years. Offering brilliant highs and nice, rounded bass, the German piano is characterised by its richness and power. The Japanese Piano, characterised by its dynamic sound is often used in a wide range of musical genres from classical to jazz and pop music.

Multi-Layered Samples for Ultimate Realism

To accurately reproduce the sound of a real, acoustic piano, the three main pianos in the G1 Air fully analyse your performance dynamics and seamlessly select the perfect set of piano samples to match your playing in real time.

String resonance is an essential aspect of acoustic piano sound and so KORG have applied their Resonance technology, originally devised for the KRONOS piano sound engine, to the three concert grand pianos found in the G1. Furthermore, the G1 has key-off simulation which perfectly recreates the sound produced when your fingers lift away from the keys.

However you choose to play, be it delicate pianissimo, powerful fortissimo and everything in between; your expression and dynamics will be completely, realistically reflected in the sound.

Great Feeling Playing Experience

It was important to KORG to ensure that pianists can enjoy an authentic piano playing experience and so the G1 features a real weighted hammer action 3 (RH3) keyboard that accurately simulates the physical experience of playing a grand piano with aspects such as the heavier playing feel found in the lower register which gets lighter as you move up to the higher register keys.

Key touch control is provided and offers a choice of five sensitivity levels; light, normal, heavy, stable and fixed which allow you to specify how you'd like your playing dynamics to be reflected in the sound.

Newly Developed Speaker System

A new developed amplification and speaker system that was custom-designed for the Korg G1 is what gives this digital piano its incredibly realistic sound field that allows for such beautiful recreation of the acoustic pianos and other instrument voices.

Two large diameter speakers are placed below the keyboard in a resonance enclosure delivering a full dynamic range of sound directly towards you while a pair of speakers mounted above the keyboard convey high-frequency tones.

Working together with the resonance from the cabinet itself, these speakers provide an incredibly rich piano tone which reflects off the key cover so you get indirect acoustics; just like what you'd get from a traditional acoustic instrument.

The newly designed amplifier section provides 20W of output power to each of the four speakers, delivering a total of 80 watts of pure, high quality sound. From deep, rich bass to sparklingly brilliant highs; you get the full grand piano experience in your own home.

Fully Featured

Another essential element of piano performance are the pedals and so the G1 comes equipped with a full complement of three pedals; damper, soft and sostenuto - just like you'd find on an acoustic grand piano. To give you even more detailed expression, the damper and soft pedals feature half-pedalling.

You can even connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the G1 Air and playing along with your favourite music or other audio and when you're not playing the piano you can simply use the G1 Air as an extremely powerful Bluetooth speaker system.


Quite simply, the Korg G1 Air Digital Piano is the perfect solution for anybody wanting a full grand piano experience in their home. Packed full of features and incredible technology which perfectly reflects the nuances of your playing, the G1 is no compromise - it gives you the full concert hall experience.

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano Specifications:

  • Colour: Black (G1-BK)
  • Keyboard: 88 Key (A0-C8), RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) Keyboard
  • Touch Selection: Five types
  • Pitch: Transpose, Master tuning
  • Temperament: Nine type
  • Sound Generation: Stereo PCM
  • Maximum Polyphony: 120 voices (max)
  • Sounds: 29 sounds + 3 bass sounds
  • Effects: Brilliance, Reverb and Chorus (3 levels each)
  • Recorder: 2 track*, Maximum 45,000 notes (400k bytes) (*: It is not possible to change the sound per track.)
  • Demo Songs: 50 (Sound Demos: 10, Piano Songs: 40)
  • Metronome: Tempo, beat, sounds, level
  • Pedals: Damper*, Soft*, Sostenuto (*: Half-pedalling supported)
  • Connections: LINE OUT, MIDI (IN, OUT), USB, Headphones x 2, Pedal, Speakers, DC 24V
  • Wireless Method: Bluetooth(A2DP Sink)
  • Speakers: 12 cm (4.72") x 2, 5 cm (1.97") x 2
  • Output Power: (20 W + 20 W) x 2
  • Power Supply: DC 24 V
  • Power Consumption: 28 W
  • Included Items: AC adapter, dedicated stand

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • 1,346 mm x 384 mm x 822 mm/52.99" x 15.12" x 32.36"
  • 1,346 mm x 384 mm x 985 mm/ 52.99" x 15.12" x 38.78" (with key cover opened)


  • 41 kg/90.39 lbs. (including stand)



Weight (kg)40.0000
Number of Keys88 keys

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