Korala Polycarbonate Concert Ukulele Newspaper
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Korala Polycarbonate Concert Ukulele Newspaper

by Korala
The Korala Polycarbonate Concert Ukulele, seen here with a really unique Newspaper design on the body, is the perfect ukulele for beginners ..

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The Korala Polycarbonate Concert Ukulele, seen here with a really unique Newspaper design on the body, is the perfect ukulele for beginners and offers great value for money.

Ukulele for Beginners

If you're learning how to play ukulele, the Korala polycarbonate uke is a great choice.

When searching for the best ukulele for beginners, you need to take into account price, quality of build and the sound.

Korala's PUC-30 Concert ukulele, aka the Poly Uke and the Korala Explore, delivers on all of these factors.

The PUC-30 ukulele range features the exact same specs as the PUC-20 series but with the addition great, eye-catching designs on the body.

Korala Polycarbonate Concert Ukulele Newspaper Key Features:

  • Fully Polycarbonate
  • Chambered Back Design for Warm, Defined Sound
  • High Quality Machine Heads for Precise, Secure Tuning
  • Great Looking Design on the Body

Brilliant Pound for Performance Value

When compared to traditional wooden ukuleles, the Korala PUC-30 boasts a much better quality to price ratio.

Also, being made of polycarbonate, the PUC-30 uke doesn't have the same neck problems caused by temperature variations that can plague wooden instruments.

Quality Build

The fingerboard of the Korala concert ukulele is made with moulded ABS with integrated frets.

Since the fingerboard is precision made and moulded in once piece, there are no rough, badly laid frets and highly accurate intonation is provided throughout the neck.

Up on the headstock is a set of high quality guitar machine heads giving you precise and secure tuning of your strings.

For improved sound, the Korala PUC-30 also features a chambered back design which gives you a more defined sound and added warmth.

Lots of Fun and Great to Learn On

If you’re looking to learn how to play the ukulele then the Korala PUC-30 ukulele is a great choice, offering great value in a well-made instrument.

On the other hand, if you’re a veteran ukulele player, you’ll enjoy the durability of this well made uke and it makes a very affordable back up.

Great sound and looks, buy the Korala polycarbonate concert ukulele to get this fun, well-made ukulele and start making music.


Weight (kg)2.0000
Number Of Strings4 string

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