KMA Audio Machines Tyler Frequency Splitter Pedal
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KMA Audio Machines Tyler Frequency Splitter Pedal KMA Audio Machines Tyle Two Channel Audio Splitter KMA Audio machines Tyler High Pass Low Pass Splitter

KMA Audio Machines Tyler The Freqency Splitter Effects Pedal

KMA Audio Machines "Tyler", The Freqency Splitter, Effects Utility Pedal for Guitar and Bass Hand-crafted boutique pedals seem to be KMA Aud..

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KMA Audio Machines "Tyler", The Freqency Splitter, Effects Utility Pedal for Guitar and Bass

Hand-crafted boutique pedals seem to be KMA Audio Machines' forté, but the doors that Tyler opens up for pedal-hounds makes it arguably their most important yet!

Think of it this way: have you ever thought to yourself that a particular effect on your guitar or bass would be put to better use if it only affected your high or low frequencies, with the rest either remaining clean or being affected by a different effects chain? Then read on, you won't be disappointed...

Hand-Crafted, Boutique Two Channel Signal Splitter

Tyler is the ultimate tool for guitarists and bassists wanting to develop new sounds and push their creativity to otherwise unattainable limits. For example: if you're a bass player that wants to make use of their favourite fuzz or distortion pedal, but doesn't want to compromise any of that low end, simple attach your pedal to the High Pass effects loop and adjust the controls accordingly, and hey presto! Finely saturated sound, with a nice clean low-end, meaning you won't get lost in the mix... and that's just the start!

The Controls

Featuring individual Low Pass and High Pass circuit controls (including independent activation switches for each, and control knobs with a 12db/Oct roll-off), a master Level control (to adjust overall volume, giving yourself up to a 14db boost), Send and Return sockets for each circuit, and even a phase inversion switch to help avoid any phase cancellation from happening - this pedal is a literal dream come true for those of you who like to experiment with your pedalboard setup.

With Tyler in your arsenal, the sky really is the limit!


  • Two-channel signal splitter - Variable 12db/oct low-/highpass
  • Ideal for both Guitar and Bass
  • Separate buffered FX-Loops for each filter
  • Level control - up to 14db boost of mixed signal
  • Mix control - for the perfect blend of highs and lows
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Powered by 9v PSU

Technical Specs

  • Controls: Low Pass, High Pass, Mix, Level, and Phase Switch
  • Bypass: Buffered
  • Dimensions (Unboxed): 146mm (D) x 121mm (W) x 60mm (H)
  • Weight: 0.52kg


Weight (kg)0.6000
Effectsfrequency splitter
Power Supply9v dc (psu only)
Warranty2 years

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