Keo Percussion Snare Dampener
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Keo Percussion Snare Dampener Keo Snare Dampener on Drum Keo Snare Dampener

Keo Percussion Snare Dampener

The Keo Percussion Snare Dampener offers a quick and easy way to dampen your snare drum to reduce unwanted overtones and control sustain. Ke..

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The Keo Percussion Snare Dampener offers a quick and easy way to dampen your snare drum to reduce unwanted overtones and control sustain.

Keo Snare Dampener

Keo Percussion is an offshoot of the British Drum Company who produce a range of high-end British built drum kits and snare drums. The Keo range features a variety of percussion instruments and drum kit accessories from tambourines, shakers and Cajons to snare dampeners, cymbal felts and practice pads.

Suppress Snare Ring

If you’re battling with unruly snare ring and unwelcome overtones the Keo Snare Dampener was designed to help you out.

With its stylish and practical design, the Keo Dampener provides a quick and easy way to suppress and control unwanted tone and ring, allowing you to achieve your perfect snare sound.

If you’re struggling to find the exact sound you’re looking for and are continuing to battle with the tuning, it could be that you simply need some dampening. Dampening reduces the tone you don’t want in order emphasise the tone you do want.

Easy Install

The Keo Snare Dampener simply sits on the top of the snare drum head, kept in position using a couple of magnets that keep the dampener securely attached to the snare hoop. The easy installation of the snare dampener means it can be quickly added and removed as required, making it ideal for changing snare sounds between songs.

Unlike internal dampeners, the Keo Snare Dampener can be easily removed to use with multiple snare drums. Simply, swap it onto the snare you’re using.

Magnetic Hold

Featuring a high-density fibreboard construction, the frame of the dampener has two small magnets on the back edge allow it to quickly and easily snap to the inside of the snare drum hoop.

Providing a secure hold against the hoop, the dampener won't come loose or move around the drum head as other drum dampeners can.


The underside of the dampener features a soft padded material to successfully dampen the snare drum when it makes contact with the head.

The top side of the dampener features a birch wood, laser cut badge adorned with the Keo logo, for a classy aesthetic.


If you’re looking for a robust, hardwearing snare dampener that you can use with multiple snares, is easy to install and reduces unwanted overtone and ring, the Keo Percussion Snare Dampener is a superb choice.

Keo Percussion Snare Dampener Key Features:

  • Reduces Unwanted Overtones
  • Suppresses Ring
  • Easy to Install
  • Magnets For Secure Hold
  • Can Be Used With Multiple Snares
  • Robust Hardwearing Construction
  • Laser Cut Keo Logo


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