Hardcase Black 28" Hardware Case with Wheels
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Hardcase Black 28 Inch Hardware Case With Wheels

The Hardcase Black 28" Hardware Case features a rugged plastic construction, durable handles and wheels to provide safe storage, pro level p..

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The Hardcase Black 28" Hardware Case features a rugged plastic construction, durable handles and wheels to provide safe storage, pro level protection and convenient transportation.

Store, Protect, Transport

Exclusively made in Derbyshire, UK, Hardcase offer an array of drum cases designed to keep your drum gear safe during transit.

Constructed from a robust hard plastic and featuring wheels and strong handles, this drum hardware case is 28" long, 10" wide and 10" high to accommodate a number of hardware stands.

Hardcase HN28W Black 28" Hardware Case Key Features:

  • Id Badge
  • Clips
  • Webbing
  • Belt Ends
  • Lid Handle
  • Pull Handle
  • Stacking Feature
  • Wheels
  • Dimensions: L28" x W10" x H10"
  • Available in a Variety of Colours

Rugged Construction

As with all Hardcase products, this drum hardware case is constructed from a hard moulded plastic to deliver a rugged and robust level of protection for your drum stands during transit.

Able to withstand the inevitable wear and tear that comes with transporting your drum gear, the Hardcase will keep your hardware securely stored so that it arrives safely.

Wheel It Around

Drum hardware is notorious for being heavy and as a result is normally a hassle to transport and can be pretty painful to move.

That's why Hardcase have incorporated wheels into their hardware case to make moving your drum stands a breeze. 

Helping you to avoid the heavy lifting that comes with lugging your hardware into and out of venues, the integrated wheels allow you to simply glide the Hardcase to your destination with ease.

Durable Handles

The Hardcase 28" Hardware case is fitted with durable lid handles that feature a plastic covering to ensure they are strong enough to support the weight of the heavy case and to aid convenient and comfortable lifting.

The side of the case houses a pull handle which works in conjunction with the wheels to allow easy transportation and manoeuvring instead of needing to lift the heavy case each time you want to move it.

Spacious Storage

The 28" Hardware case features a large internal storage space capable of housing a range of snare, cymbal and hi-hat stands as well as any additional tom arms or clamps you may need.

With enough space to store all your drum hardware in one place, the Hardcase hardware case makes organising and transporting your drum stands easy. 

Easy ID

All Hardcase products feature an ID badge to ensure you can easily distinguish your gear from that of others.

A super useful feature to have for occasions when you're playing festivals or gigs with multiple performers on the bill, the identification badge ensures you don't lose your gear or confuse it with anyone else's.

Stackable Storage

Hardcase cases are designed to be stacked on top of each other to provide space saving storage or safe stacking when in transit.

Offering the ideal way to pack everything neatly into your car or van when you have limited space, the Hardcases can be slotted together to make the most of the room you have.

Webbing, Clips and Belt Ends

The Hardcase 28" Hardware case features adjustable gold webbing which adds a striking flash of colour to the otherwise all black design and, in conjunction with the clips, serves to ensure the lid remains firmly in place to keep your stands stored safely.

The gold webbing is finished with belt ends to provide a professional aesthetic and to prevent the webbing from fraying over time.

Choose Your Colour

Hardcase offer their various cases in a range of colours to help you inject some personality into your drum gear protection.

If you have multiple hardware set ups for different kit configurations or different gig settings, using different colour hardware cases is a great way to quickly and easily identify which hardware set you need to take with you.


Providing robust protection and convenient storage for your drum hardware, the Hardcase 28" hardware case offers the ideal way to organise and transport your essential stands.

With its array of features including an ID badge, robust webbing and back-saving wheels designed to make your drum life easier, this drum hardware case is the perfection option for gigging drummers or rehearsal space storage.

For robust protection, easy transportation and organised storage, buy the Hardcase 28" Hardware Case now from Professional Music Technology Online!


Weight (kg)4.0000

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