Focusrite Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface
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Focusrite Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface Focusrite Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface Focusrite Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Focusrite Red 8Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface

The new Focusrite Red 8Pre is a top-of-the-range, 64 IN / 64 OUT Thunderbolt 2 audio interface, that's Pro Tools HD compatible, and wit..

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The new Focusrite Red 8Pre is a top-of-the-range, 64 IN / 64 OUT Thunderbolt 2 audio interface, that's Pro Tools HD compatible, and with Dante network audio connectivity - with ultra-low latency. Perfect for pros seeking the last word in Thunderbolt interfaces. And, Unlike many interfaces, both mini-DigiLink and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity comes as standard, so there’s no need to buy an additional option card.

Super flexible, with ultra low latency

The Red series of interfaces represents the pinnacle of Focusrite’s interface range, and Focusrite is proud to announce the launch of Red 8Pre. With 64 inputs and 64 outputs (including a total of 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs) and eight of Focusrite’s specially-developed digitally-controlled mic preamps, the Red 8Pre answers the need for more microphone inputs and a higher I/O count.

In addition, in common with the Red 4Pre, the Red 8Pre includes two front-panel high-headroom instrument inputs, dual Thunderbolt 2, dual Pro Tools | HD DigiLink and Dante network audio connectivity. Featuring Focusrite's most advanced low-noise conversion and beautiful yet robust design, Focusrite's Red interfaces offer the perfect balance of form and function, delivering the sound quality and versatility engineers and producers around the world expect from Focusrite.
Air-enabled mic pres

The eight specially-developed 'Red Evolution' mic pres in the Red 8Pre represent the evolution of Focusrite's premier mic pre design for the needs of today's recording environment. They lie at the heart of the unit, featuring clear, honest audio performance with –129 dB EIN and 63dB of gain. Software control allows recall of settings and stereo linking, plus configuration of HPF, polarity invert and individual phantom power. In addition, the preamps and other parameters can be adjusted from the elegant front panel, with its clean multifunction controls and clear colour LCD displays. The preamps include Focusrite's unique ‘Air’ effect, recreating in the analogue domain the sound of the transformer-based mic preamps in the classic ISA range - ideal for bringing out the breathy quality of a vocal or adding presence to an acoustic guitar. Red 8Pre also includes two high-headroom instrument inputs, instantly accessible from the front panel.
Supreme conversion

The Red 8Pre's high-performance conversion system features what Focusrite calls 'parallel path summing', where two matched converters are run in parallel to increase the signal to noise ratio. They operate at up to 24-bit, 192 kHz sampling - ideal for high-resolution audio - with a dynamic range of 118dB (A-D)/121dB (D-A). The Red 8Pre delivers 0.0009% THD+Noise and a frequency response flat from 20Hz to 35kHz ±0.25 dB or better. Levels at the Red 8Pre's monitor outputs are adjusted via a Digitally-Controlled analogue Attenuator. This allows them to deliver full dynamic range at all signal levels, rather than the conventional approach using digital attenuation on the D-A, which is cheaper and offers slightly lower distortion, but means that bit-depth – and thus monitoring accuracy – is lost at lower levels.
Versatile connectivity

Like its smaller brother, the Red 8Pre delivers exceptional connectivity - and more of it. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports connect to a DAW while at the same time allowing daisy-chaining of drives and displays. Round-trip latency as low as 1.67ms permits recording with preferred plug-ins in real-time and simplifies workflow - no need for cue mix utilities or outboard DSP - while dual DigiLink ports connect the Red 8Pre directly to any Pro Tools HD system. In addition, Red 8Pre features built-in Dante network audio connectivity. The dual Ethernet ports connect any Dante-compatible product, such as units from Focusrite's own RedNet range, adding up to 32 channels I/O via Ethernet exactly where they're needed - wherever there's an Ethernet network - with low latency and lower cost. Furthermore, Focusrite Control allows the user to assign any physical input or output to any driver/Pro Tools|HD channel making it easier than ever to customise the interface layout and integrate hardware inserts.

Free Plug Ins With Focusrite Plug In Collective

The Focusrite Plug-in Collective has been set up to provide Focusrite users with an array of FREE professional grade plug-ins, tutorials and exclusive offers each month. The team at Focusrite has been working with some of the most renowned plug-in companies in the world to bring you a variety of useful tools to make your recording experience even better. All you have to do is register your product and you have access to new plug-ins, tutorials and special offers every month.


Focusrite Red 8Pre Key Features

  • The pinnacle of Focusrite's interface design
  • 64 inputs/64 outputs – including 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs.
  • The best conversion performance – 24-bit, up to 192kHz sampling
  • 118dB (A-D) /121dB (D-A) dynamic range. 
  • 0.0009% THD+Noise and a frequency response flat from 20Hz to 35kHz ±0.25 dB or better.
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy-chaining – Connect to a DAW with our lowest round-trip latency whilst simultaneously connecting Thunderbolt devices such as hard drives and displays.
  • Direct Pro Tools connection – Dual DigiLink connectivity with Pro Tools HD systems and existing Avid interfaces.
  • Dante Network Audio enabled – Dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking. Add up to 32 Dante I/O channels via Ethernet anywhere on the network, with low latency and lower cost.
  • Eight 'Red Evolution' Air-enabled mic pres
  • Up to 63dB of ultra-clean gain, -129dB EIN and individual phantom power
  • Setting recall
  • Stereo linking
  • HPF and polarity invert
  • Air mode - analogue emulation of heritage ISA preamp characteristics.
  • Freely assignable input and output routing
  • Round-trip latency as low as 1.67ms
  • Simplify studio workflow: run a single mix for both overdubbing and mixing, with plug-ins in place, all the time. No need for cue mix utilities or outboard DSP.
  • Expansion done right - add up to 32 input and 32 output channels of Dante interfaces to the Red 8Pre - wherever there's an Ethernet connection, over a greater distance, with low latency and at lower cost, without wasting money on unused hardware.
  • Front-panel instrument inputs – Provide easy access to high-headroom instrument connections even when rack-mounted
  • Digitally-Controlled Analogue Attenuator on monitor outputs
  • Software Included – Focusrite Control software, the Red plug-in suite; and Softube's Time and Tone bundle


Phantom PowerYes
Channels64 (inc. 16 analogue inputs)

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