Focusrite Plug In Collective: May/July

From 2nd May until 4th July 2019, new and existing Focusrite users can take advantage of the Focusrite Plug-In Collective and enjoy three free Venomode plug-ins as well as 50% discount on their store

Focusrite plug in collective

Thanks to the awesome Focusrite Plug-In collective offer, Focusrite users can now get three free Venomode plug-ins including DeeQ, Maximal 2 & Pivot until 4th July 2019 upon registration of your Focusrite hardware. Once registered, simply log into your Focusrite account and access your free plug-ins and license.

Which Venomode plug-ins do I get?

With this months Focusrite Plug-In Collectve offer you get a maximiser, a single band EQ and a tilt EQ. With one or 2 tweaks to a couple of controls, you’re instantly able to enhance your track!

  • DeeQ - DeeQ is a single-band dynamic EQ filter that automatically adjusts the parameters of the EQ based on the incoming envelope or an external sidechain.
  • Maximal 2 - Maximal 2 is an advanced loudness maximiser that allows you to get the most out of your sound.
  • Pivot - Pivot is a tilt equaliser, with adjustable slope and mid/side modes. Powerful EQ, made simple.

How Do I get My Plug Ins?

To get your plug ins and take advantage of the Focusrite Plug In Collective for 2nd May until 4th July 2019, all you have to do is log in to your account or register your Focusrite product. You will be given the option to take advantage of this great deal! To register your Focusrite interface now, click here. For full Terms and Conditions on this offer, click here. View all Focusrite products over at PMT Online.