Focal Trio11 BE Active Studio Monitor, Vertical
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Focal Trio11 BE Active Studio Monitor, Vertical Front Panel no Grille, horizontal configuration Rear Panel, Vertical Configuration Angle View, Horizontal configuration Front of Speaker with Grille, Vertical Position

Focal Trio11 BE Active Studio Monitor

by Focal
Focal's newly announced Trio11 BE is the newest and largest addition to the Beryllium range. Designed for critical, flat-response ..

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Focal's newly announced Trio11 BE is the newest and largest addition to the Beryllium range. Designed for critical, flat-response reference at both nearfield and mid-range monitor applications.

Switchable 3-Way / 2- Way Reference Monitoring

The Focal Trio11 Be's neutrality, impressive frequency response and stereo image precision abilities make it a perfect match for even the most exacting critical listening audience.

The Trio 11BE provides musicians, engineers and producers with two versatile studio monitors in one via use of a switchable 2/3-way output. This makes them ideal as a reference for television, cinematic and other critical sound design applications. You can even use most 1-button guitar footswitches we stock at PMT as a compatible accessory for the Trio 11 BE!

A 3-way design with a 1" tweeter, a 5" woofer, and a 10" subwoofer, the Trio11 Be delivers stunningly accurate reproduction of the audio spectrum from 30Hz to 40kHz (±3dB). All with the transparency and stereo imaging that Focal monitors have become renowned for.

Key Features:

  • Remote controllable FOCUS mode switch (3-way / 2-way)
  • Beryllium inverted dome tweeter with low directivity
  • ‘W’ composite sandwich cone on woofer and subwoofer
  • Rotating mid-treble plate for horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Bass, mid-bass and treble settings on rear panel
  • Switchable sensitivity (Adaptable, +4 dBu or -10 dBv)
  • Optimised decoupling of the midrange speaker driver thanks to silent blocks
  • Ultra-low distortion and noise

Footswitch Control for A/B Reference

The unit's 3-way speaker configuration can be switched - either by the touch of a button or remotely via optional footswitch - seamlessly to a 2-way configuration for comparative listening and to yield an even more translatable and insightful mix.

Powerful Class G Amps

Featuring powerful Class G amplifiers, the midrange and subwoofer sections of the Trio11 Be are equipped to boast high SPLs and effortlessly meet the needs of modern music production techniques. The 10" subwoofer is powered by a 300W amp, the 5" mid-range by a 150w amp, and the 1" tweeter via a 100w Class AB driver.

Focal TRIO11 BE Specifications:


  • Frequency response: 30Hz - 40kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Max SPL: 118dB (peak @ 1m)


  • Bass: 300W, class G
  • Midrange: 150W, class G
  • Treble: 100W, class AB


  • Power: Detachable IEC, 230V (1.6A T fuse) - 115V (3.5A T fuse)
  • Analogue: Electronically balanced / 10KOhms XLR


  • Sub: Focal 913/16" (25cm) speaker driver with ‘W’ composite sandwich cone
  • Midrange: Focal 51/8" (13cm) speaker driver with ‘W’ composite sandwich cone
  • Tweeter: Focal 1" pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter

Physical Properties

  • Construction: 13/16 and 13/16" (21mm and 30mm) panels with internal braces
  • Finish: Natural veneering side panels Dark red burr ash, black body
  • Dimensions: 635 x 345 x 450mm
  • Weight: 37.3kg


Weight (kg)8.0000
Power550 watts
Woofer Size10" subwoofer, 5" woofer

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