Fender Releases The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Signature Guitar


Coinciding with the new Rolling Stones world tour, which included their historic gig in Cuba, Fender celebrates the "human riff" with the new Fender Keith Richards Telecaster*.


Keith Richards has played many different guitars over the years, but his most distinctive guitar is his custom Fender Telecaster- a guitar he's used since the 70's and it has become synonymous with the "human riff". It's been announced this week, ahead of Musikmesse 2016.

Keith and his original Telecaster Keith Richards and his original Telecaster

Now, Fender has finally released a Keith Richards Signature Guitar for those fans who want the same tone! Coinciding with the Rolling Stones tour, the new guitar comes in two versions, both manufactured in Mexico: a standard run, and a limited-run of 200, with hardcase and certificate signed by Keef himself! Both look stunning, and comes equipped with vintage voiced Tele bridge pickup, and a Seymour Duncan humbucker in the neck position.  There's a Keith Richards signature on the headstock and its back, too.

Like Keith's, it comes with maple fingerboard and black scratch plate, and is two slightly different finishes (Blonde and Natural):

Fender-Keef-Signature-Telecaster copy1500


The Stunning new Fender Keith Richards Telecaster The Stunning new Fender Keith Richards Telecaster

The Fender Keith Richards Telecaster is priced £499. The Limited-Run is priced £799.

Telecaster-style guitars

*Hey, people, here's a tip - look at the date (wink, wink!) Can't get no satisfaction... it's an April Fools!

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