Fender '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Valve Amplifier
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Fender 64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Valve Amplifier

by Fender
Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb, an incredible recreation of a classic valve amp. 20-Watt Valve Amp An absolute workhorse of a guitar amp,..

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Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb, an incredible recreation of a classic valve amp.

20-Watt Valve Amp

An absolute workhorse of a guitar amp, the mid-1960s Fender Deluxe Reverb amp has been the voice behind countless hit recordings.

Bringing this incredible amp back into the limelight, Fender introduce the new ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb which produces amazing vintage style tone with its modified all-valve, hand-wired AB763 circuitry.

Authentic Classic Valve Tone

When producing a reissue of one of the most listened to and revered amps of all time, Fender knew that they were going to have to be extremely accurate and produce an authentic Deluxe Reverb amp experience.

Vintage style hand-wired AB763 circuitry is utilised and delivers pure power and tone and is the essence of that incredible sound along with its all-valve design.

A lightweight solid pine cabinet is used, and offers improved resonance. Within the cabinet is a 12” Jensen C12Q speaker which offers incredible clarity at all volumes.

Both Bright and Normal channels are on offer, giving you some great options from this workhorse amp, producing beautifully warm and clean tones with its 20 watts of output power.

Valve Driven Effects with 2-Button Footswitch

Genuine tube-driven spring reverb is on hand, producing the amazing sounds and atmosphere from which the ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb gets its name, along with some incredibly rich tremolo effects with both the reverb and tremolo available on both channels.

What’s more, not only is the ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp footswitch friendly, it comes with a 2-button footswitch included so you can switch up your effects on the fly; perfect for live performance.

A host of controls allow you to get just the sound you require with a series of knobs allowing adjustment of the volume, treble and bass and reverb with speed and intensity controls for the tremolo effect.

The Return of a Legend

Made with lightweight solid pine and featuring a large and comfortable moulded plastic strap the Custom Deluxe Reverb amp can easily be carried from your vehicle to the stage.

Extra heavy textured vinyl is used to cover the cabinet too so it is extremely rugged and prepared to take on the bangs and scrapes which can occur when touring.

To give it that extra vintage-touch and as a tip of the hat to the original model, a lightly-aged silver grille cloth is in place making for great, vintage-inspired stage presence.

With its fantastic tube driven sound with hand-wired circuitry, great vintage look and incredibly versatile sonic options – the Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp will serve you well for years to come.

Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Key Features:

  • Valve Type Amp
  • Hand-Wired Circuitry
  • Tube-Driven Reverb and Tremolo
  • Solid Pine Cabinet

Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Specs:

  • Amplifier Jewel: Red Jewel
  • Amplifier Type: Tube/Valve
  • Cabinet Material: Lightweight Pine
  • Channels: Two (Normal and Bright)
  • Colour: Black and Silver
  • Control Knobs: Skirted Amp Knobs
  • Controls: Normal Channel – Volume, Treble, Bass. Bright Channel – Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Vibrato – Speed, Intensity
  • Effects: Reverb, Tremolo
  • Footswitch: 2-Button (Reverb On/Off, Vibrato On/Off), P/N: 0994058000 (Included)
  • Front Panel: Blackface Style
  • Handle: Moulded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps
  • Included Accessories: Two-Button Vintage Footswitch and Fitted Cover
  • Inputs: Four (1/4”, Two Bright and Two Normal)
  • Speaker Wattage: 35 Watts
  • Speaker: 12” Jensen C12Q
  • Style: 6V6 Tubes
  • Subtype: Combos
  • Total Impedance: 8 Ohms Minimum


Weight (kg)20.0000
SeriesVintage Reissue
Woofer Size12" woofer
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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