Wez Coombes

Wez Coombes

Band: Troy Ellis Hail Jamaica Reggae Band


What was your first instrument?

First instrument was the trumpet.


Your favourite gear that you constantly use?

My Roland TR-8 and FA08. Magic pieces of kit – instant party time


Last track played?

Sweep Me Off My Feet by Pond.


What is the coolest gig you have ever played?

Opening up the Jazz/World stage with Mosiamo at Glastonbury 2004 after winning a BBC unsigned competition.


If you were on Death Row, what would be your last meal request?

Probably an Indian/Italian buffet laced with cyanide, washed down with about 25 beers.


Who are three people or bands who have highly influenced you in music?

Josh Homme, Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley.


What are your three favourite brands?

Roland (obvs!), Fender (sucker for a nice Tele or Jag!) and Taylor.


What would be your absolute dream gear to own?

Probably a Fender Rhodes or an original Juno 106.


Do you have any party tricks?

I do, but not sure if I can share them on a family website. You’ll have to ask me in-store.


What’s the best thing about working at PMT?

Sharing my passion for music with customers, meeting interesting musicians and discovering new music.


Guilty pleasure...?

The Archers on Radio 4.