Mark H

Guitar Expert at Southend

Mark H, a PMT Expert

What was your first instrument?
Watkins Rapier 22.

Favourite South Park episode?
Blame Canada.

Favourite pedal?
Full tone TTE and Dunlop Mini Wah.

Your favourite gear that you constantly use?
Fender Tele and a Fender Hotrod Deluxe.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
It was records back when I was a lad – A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles.

What is the coolest gig you have ever played?
Royal Albert with Paul Carrack.

Favourite horror film?

Who are three people or bands who have highly influenced you in music?
Bill Nelson, Ry Cooder and Michael Lanois.

Favourite all-time film?
One flew over the cuckoo's nest.

In your opinion, the best all-time album is...?
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

What are your three favourite brands?
Gibson, Fender and PRS.

What would be your absolute dream guitar to own?
Gibson SG VOS.

What were the last three gigs that you went to?
Kings X, Jojo Mayer and Leonard Cohen.

Do you have any non-music related hobbies outside of work?
Fly fishing.

Where did you play your first gig?
At a friend’s birthday party in Hornsea.

First song you learnt all the lyrics to?
The Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown.