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James Mather

Hi-Tech & Drum Expert at Bristol

James Mather, a PMT Expert

What are the top 3 gigs you’ve ever been to?
Bjork in London on the Volta tour, an amazing experience! Down at Roseland ballroom in New York in 2002. Bad Religion at Bristol Academy in 2010; amazing because my band got to be main support - a dream come true!

If you could jam with any of your music heroes (dead or alive), who would it be?
David Sandstrom from Refused.

Current favourite FX pedal?
The Strymon Blue Sky is pretty darn tasty!

Hobbies outside of the shop?
I used to be a drummer but now I record bands, solo artists, choirs and string ensembles through mobile recording sessions.

Favourite music software to use?
Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton.

Guilty pleasures…?
I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting microphones, preamps, etc. I recently got the Neve Protico 500 Series 511 preamps, very nice indeed!