Jack Densley

Guitar & Bass Expert at London

Jack Densley, a PMT Expert

Are you in a band?
Currently playing in a country rock band called Backwoods Creek and have a chiptune metal project called Scandal Jay Kneel.

Most embarrassing bass you've owned?
I went through a phase of listening to Motley Crue and Level 42 so ended up buying an Epiphone Thunderbird bass but played it as high as my chest.

What are the top 3 gigs you’ve been to?
Devin Townsend Live at the Roundhouse, Charlie Hunter Trio at Ronnie Scotts, and Meshuggah at Brixton Academy.

Favourite pedal?
At the moment, the Hexe Revolver and what a wonderfully noisy pedal.

What would be your absolute dream gear to own?
Mayones Jabba 5 Custom Buckeye Burl, Aguilar AG700 + SL cabs and Hans Zimmer's studio.

Favourite all-time film?
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

What’s your best cocktail drink?
Old Fashioned or a Long Island Ice Tea.