Gary W

Store Manager at Portsmouth

Gary W, a PMT Expert

What was your first instrument?
A blue Horner Strat copy (which I learned to play on) with its mile-high action.

What are the top 3 gigs you’ve ever been to?
1. Metallica *Big day out* (Milton Keynes 1999) Newsted era \M/
2. Fear Factory (Portsmouth 2001)
3. Lamb of God (London 2004) Ashes of the Wake tour.

Favourite South Park episode?
Medicinal Fried Chicken... So much LOL!

What was the first CD you ever bought?
Nirvana – Nevermind (I was 11 and it rinsed two weeks worth of pocket money).

What is the coolest gig you have ever played?
Main support for Soulfly in 2008.

Musical weapon of choice?
My ESP Ultratone Baritone 7-string. I've owned this guitar for about 12 years.

Favourite all-time film?
Back to the Future. It's a classic, and I have watched it over 10 times but it still makes no sense!