Dejeante Hinks

Dejeante Hinks

Current favourite amp/pedal?
My JHS/Keeley Steak and Eggs. It's a JHS Morning Glory transparent overdrive with a Keeley Compressor together in a box and it's the most used pedal on my board. It's always on and it's my favourite pedal by far.

What’s the best thing about working at PMT?
Being around all of these amazing instruments and gear everyday has been great, the best part of working at PMT is being surrounded by staff and customers alike that are just as passionate and excited about the products as I am.

Musical weapon of choice?
A Fender Stratocaster with Texas Specials for sure.

Favourite all-time film?
28 Days Later

What would be your absolute dream guitar?
A Fender Custom Shop Heavy Relic 64 Strat in Black over Candy Apple Red.