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Store Manager at Leeds

Alice, a PMT Expert

Are you in a band?
I’m in two bands playing a mixture of bass, synths, percussion, and vocals. You can find me chatting about gear in pretty much every corner of the shop but my main area of expertise is in guitars.

What was your first CD?
The first CD I ever bought was ‘MASSIVE DANCE HITS 2000’ which is a mix of absolute tunes- such as ‘sweet like chocolate’ ‘good life’ and ‘Blue da ba dee da ba die’. I still have it backed-up on my mini-disc player.

What's your ultimate cocktail drink?
My favourite cocktail drink is a Sazerac. It consists of cognac, whisky, bitters, and brown sugar. You lick the ice cubes in absinthe and coat the rim in orange zest before serving stirred, in a cut-glass tumbler. Goes down like nectar.

What's the best thing about working at PMT?
The best thing about working at PMT Leeds is understanding and listening to people’s opinions on gear and music. We have a very friendly and knowledgable body of staff who make a great effort to make all of our customers feel welcome and well catered for.