Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulation Pedal
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Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulation Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulation Pedal gives you classic modulation sounds and the tools you need for creating your own sounds. 11 Dif..

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The Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulation Pedal gives you classic modulation sounds and the tools you need for creating your own sounds.

11 Different Modulation Effects and More

Packed with 11 different modulation effects, advanced functionality and soundshaping tools, the Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 is your one-stop pedal for classic modulation effects and modern, exotic sounds too.

Furthermore, it all comes in a stage-friendly compact pedal.

Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 Modulation Pedal Key Features:

  • Eleven Modulation Effects, Each with Multiple Modes
  • Multiple LFO Shapes for Several Effects
  • Envelope Controls for Rate and Depth
  • Internal and External Tap-Tempo Function
  • External Rotary Acceleration Switch Option
  • Momentary Functionality
  • Includes Power Supply
  • Compact and Rugged

Classic to Modern and Beyond

Electro-Harmonix have gone all out with the EHX MOD11 pedal, giving you a huge range of modulation effects to play around with.

To start with, as the name suggests, the Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 has 11 different effects built in:

  • 1: TREM (Tremolo)
  • 2. HARM (Harmonic Tremolo)
  • 3. VIBR (Vibrato)
  • 4. UNI (Univibe style Chorus and Vibrato)
  • 5. CHORUS
  • 6. ROTARY (Rotary Speaker Cab Simulation)
  • 7. FLANGE
  • 8. TZF (Through Zero Flanger)
  • 9. PHASE
  • 10. PITCH (Modulated Pitch Shifter)
  • 11. FILT (Modulated Filter Effects)

You can easily dial in old school yet timeless Tremolo, Vibrato, Chorus effects and more.

There's even a setting that gives you the classic Univibe sound with Chorus and Vibrato modes plus added overdrive.

Other great effects include the Rotary speaker cabinet simulation which has overdrive options and gives you control over rotation speed, a Phaser with your choice of 4, 6, or 8 stages and more.

Shape Your Sound

The effects have intuitive "hidden" parameters which you can access via the Secondary Knob Mode.

Each effect has 2 or 3 modes with many having multiple LFO shapes for you to play with along with envelope controls for rate and depth.

The Tap-Tempo function can be set using the EHX MOD11's built-in footswitch or an external one.

You can also use the Electro-Harmonix MOD 11's Momentary Mode to seamlessly switch in and out of effects to add life to your performance on the fly.

Easy To Use, Made for The Road

Conveniently packaged with a standard EHX power supply, the Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 modulation pedal is ready to hit the road when you are.

What's more, it's compact and extremely rugged so it's perfect for gigs and heavy touring when you're going to need reliable gear.

Buy the Electro-Harmonix MOD 11 from PMT Online to add atmosphere to your music with a feature-packed and customisable modulation.


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