Electro Harmonix Attack Delay Tape Reverse Simulator
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Electro Harmonix Attack Decay

Once again Electro Harmonix have revisted a popular effect from their past, with the Electro Harmonix Attack Decay - a Tape Reverse Simulato..

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Once again Electro Harmonix have revisted a popular effect from their past, with the Electro Harmonix Attack Decay - a Tape Reverse Simulator enhanced with all-new modern features!

Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Highlights

  • Volume envelope manipulation with adjustable Attack and Decay times
  • Mono mode: one volume envelope at a time, the envelope resets when you play a new note
  • Poly mode: gives each note you play its own envelope
  • Built-in, fully adjustable, Harmonix fuzz enhances the volume envelope effect and produces bowed instrument sounds
  • Built-in effects loop allows for your own pedals to be inserted onto the volume envelope
  • Expression pedal or CV control over every knob on the Attack Decay
  • Save and recall up to three presets

A Classic EHX Effect - Reinvented

Originally released during the 1980s as a Tape Reverse Simulator, the EHX Attack Decay is a much-coveted effect by pedal enthusiasts. In fact, due to the low numbers initially created, these pedals can often fetch upwards of £600 on the second hand market!

Renowned for its volume and reverse swells, backward tape sounds, artificial staccatos, and E-Bow-like effects, the Attack Decay was seen as a must-have for experimental guitarists everywhere.

Im addition to these same classic functions, the new Attack Decay features some modern features for enhanced functionality and convenience.

New Features

First all off, although the new Attack Decay can produce a single volume envelope (like the original), this new version also has a Poly switch, which can separate each note you play into its own independent volume envelope!

Secondly, there's also a built-in Harmonix Fuzz circuit, which is a fully controllable distortion with Gain, Tone, and Volume controls.

Next there's a built in Effects Loop, with Send and Return sockets on the pedal, allowing you to place the volume envelope onto whatever signal the Return jack is receiving.

Finally, you also get an Expression Pedal/CV input, alongside three user-definable Presets, giving you total control over the Attack Decay's effects!

Available to Order Now!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Electro Harmonix Attack Decay landing at a Professional Music Technology store near you soon, and be sure to request an in-store demo!

Order yours today, and choose from our range of Home Delivery or In-Store pickup options.

Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Technical Specs

  • Current Draw: 150mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions in inches: 40(w) x 475(l) x 225(h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 102(w) x 121(l) x 58(h)


Weight (kg)1.0000
Effectstape reverse simulator, distortion
Power Supply9v dc power adapter
Warranty2 years

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