DW Performance 22/12/16 Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle
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DW Performance Series 22" 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle

by DW
The DW Performance Series 22” 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle combines all maple shells with innovative sound aiding hardware and a stu..

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The DW Performance Series 22” 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle combines all maple shells with innovative sound aiding hardware and a stunning finish to deliver the ultimate in style and sound.

Sparkle Style, Maple Tone

Offering style and sound that is decidedly DW, this Drum Workshop Performance drumkit offers rich resonant tone, practical hardware and stand out aesthetics.

DW Drums Performance 22” 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle Configuration:

  • 12” x 9” Rack Tom
  • 16” x 14” Floor Tom
  • 22” x 18” Bass Drum

Suspension Tom Mount

One of the most strikingly impressive aspects of this DW Performance series kit is the intricate attention to detail that has gone into ensuring it delivers optimum tone.

The DW Suspension Tom Mount is an example of this continued focus on sound.

Featuring a patented design, the STM is fitted to the 12” rack tom of this kit to provide strong sound aiding support.

The suspension mount attaches to the rack toms via 4 lug points to ensure isolation of the tom shell.

By maintaining complete separation of the shell and the mount, the tom is allowed to vibrate freely to produce its maximum resonance and ensure full tom tone. 

Furthermore, the mount works to reduce choking and aids easier tuning because it doesn’t feature any grommets or washers that could inhibit the lug rod receivers.

The result is a rack tom that can be reliably positioned and supported without negatively impacting the natural sustain of the drum.


Delivering unprecedented attention to detail, the DW Performance kit also comes fitted with true-pitch tuning rods.

These patented tension rods have a 5mm thread rather than the standard 12/24 thread used on most tension rods.

As a result, the true-pitch tension rods have one thread positioned every 0.8mm, compared to the standard 1 thread every 1.05mm, which is a thread increase of 20%.

What this thread increase means for you is that you can dial in more precise tuning to achieve the exact sound you need.

First Place Style

Before you even play this kit it grabs your attention with its striking Gold Sparkle finish.

Part of the Ultra-Durable Finishply series, this DW Performance Gold Sparkle finish offers an eye-catching look to deliver optimum visual impact.

Featuring a glittered effect to offer a shimmering sparkle of golden colour, this finish delivers stand out style to ensure you look as good as you sound behind this kit.

The gold shells are accentuated perfectly by the all chrome hardware to deliver a sophisticated and stylish overall look.

Chrome Hardware

All DW Performance drums are fitted exclusively with chrome hardware to provide a consistent look across the whole range.

Each shell in this 3-piece DW kit is fitted with Turret Lugs that are a scaled down version of the famous DW Lug to deliver an instantly recognisable aesthetic.

Both toms are fitted with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops to provide versatile tone and the 16” floor tom comes complete with chrome steel 21” legs for reliable support.

The 22” bass drum features low mass die-cast claw hooks to ensure strong, rattle free hold of the bass drum hoops.

Remo Drumheads

This DW Performance 3-piece kit comes fitted with DW by Remo USA drumheads as standard to provide strong durability and rich resonance.

The 12” and 16” toms are fitted with coated/clear batter heads and clear resonant heads while the 22” bass drum has a coated/clear batter with an inlay ring and an Ebony resonant logo vented head.

The specifically created DW Coated/Clear heads feature a clear design with an integrated coated tone ring to provide just the right amount of muffling for focused tone that still delivers resonant sustain.

All of the Remo drumheads feature a crimped flesh hoop to ensure durability and maximum vibration.

Proprietary Shell Process

The striking finish and intricate hardware design set the tone for the top-quality shell construction used in the creation of this DW drums kit.

Utilising a proprietary process devised by vice president John Good and the DW Custom Shop team, the DW Performance range is built using DW’s HVX shell method.

The method blends the latest grain orientation technology and hand selected maple to deliver shells that offer rich resonant tone, piercing attack and a punchy bottom end response.

This grain orientation process uses a precise pattern of short and long grain plies that are put into the mould with alternating grain directions to ensure a strong shell build.

Once in the mould the shell is baked under pressure and then moved straight from the oven to a pressurized cooler to allow the glue to crystallize instantly.

The result is a shell that hardens to a perfect cylinder to deliver improved tuning and optimal tonal resonance.

Versatile Maple Tone

This DW Performance drum kit is constructed from 8 plies of maple to deliver versatile, all-purpose tone capable of fulfilling the most diverse musical needs.

Characterised by its even amounts of high and mid frequencies, maple produces a drum sound filled with rich low-end warmth.

Each shell of this 3-piece kit is finished with DW 45 degree back cut bearing edges to provide a modern sound, sharp attack and cutting projection.

The mixture of all maple shells, 45-degree edges and the proprietary construction process work to ensure a drum kit that offers the cut needed to slice through the mix on stage and the depth of tone desirable for the studio.

So, whether you need the high tuning of funk, disco and jazz or want big low impact for rock, metal and prog, this DW Performance shell pack has the tuning range to cover all options.


With it’s striking Gold Sparkle finish, versatile maple tone and sound aiding hardware, the DW Performance shell pack is beautiful in sight and sound.

The stand out style of the Gold Sparkle finish delivers an eye-catching aesthetic to ensure your drums offer optimum visual impact.

The patented suspension mount offers reliable resonance aiding support and the true-pitch tension rods accommodate precise tuning to ensure you achieve the exact sound you want.

The HVX maple shells provide rich resonant tone capable of fulfilling the needs of all playing styles and performance settings.

For stunning style, innovative hardware and rich maple sound, buy the DW Performance Series 22” 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle now from PMT Online.

DW Drums Performance 22” 3-Piece Shell Pack in Gold Sparkle Key Features:

  • 8 ply Maple
  • Superior Sounding HVX Shells
  • DW 45 Degree Back-Cut Bearing Edges
  • STM (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • True-Pitch Tuning Rods
  • Quarter Turret Lugs
  • Low Mass Die-Cast Claw Hook
  • DW Heads by Remo USA


Packed Weight (kg)15.0000
Seriesperformance series
Hardware / Cymbalscymbals and hardware not included
Finishgold sparkle
Bass Drum Size22" x 18"
Floor Tom Size16" x 14''
Rack Tom Size12" x 9"
Shell Count3 piece kit
Shell Materialmaple
Snare Sizesnare not included

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