DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand
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DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand

by DW
The DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand features a flush base for a lightweight design and a vintage look. It features a locking hi-hat clutch, hinged memo..

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The DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand features a flush base for a lightweight design and a vintage look. It features a locking hi-hat clutch, hinged memory locks and an offset direct pull action for superb functionality within a sleek, compact design.

DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand

The DW 6000 Series of Hardware has proved extremely popular thanks to its sleek, vintage flush base aesthetic and its lightweight design. A perfect blend of portability and stability the 6000 hardware is a great choice for drummers on the go.

Flush Base Design

The most striking feature of this 6000 hi-hat stand is its flush base design. The low-profile, lightweight aluminium base of this stand makes it the ideal choice for small space setups, vintage kits or gigging drummers who want to reduce the weight of their hardware bag.

Hinged Memory Locks

To aid quick and easy setup, DW have included hinged memory locks to their 6000 hi-hat stand. The memory locks are included at tube joints to provide a consistent, precise height setting every time. Once you’ve found your most comfortable height position you don’t need to think about finding it again because the memory locks remember it for you, making your life much easier when it comes to setting up.

Offset Direct Pull Action

The pedal on the DW 6500 hi-hat stand has been designed to offer a direct pedal-to-hat response for an instant transfer of movement from your foot to your cymbals. It features a dual chain for a robust build and a spring tension adjuster which allows easy adjustability to set the pedal to the exact feel that you desire.

Spring Tension Adjuster

The spring tension adjuster of this DW hi-hat stand provides the option to easily and precisely adjust the tension of the hi-hat pedal. This allows you to offset the weight of the top hi-hat cymbal to create a truly customised feel. Set the tension feel of your pedal to your exact specifications for a comfortable playing feel.

Delta Ball Bearing Hinge

The pedal of this hi-hat stand features a state of the art Delta ball bearing hinge, made from lightweight aluminium. This design incorporates ball bearings at both sides of the hinge to offer a quick action and smooth footboard movement with each stroke you make.

Locking Clutch

The DW 6500 comes with a SM379 locking hi-hat clutch as standard. The clutch allows you to easily dial in the level of open wash or closed tightness you need, to ensure you achieve the precise sound you want no matter the musical situation. Then, lock in your setting to ensure it doesn’t come loose as you play, for a consistent hi-hat sound from start to finish.

Upper Rods

In their typical spirit of offering choice, DW include 2 rod options with the 6000 hi-hat stand. The hi-hat comes with both a 15” and a 21” hi-hat rod which allows you to custom the hi-hat stand to your needs.


If you want a slim, lightweight hi-hat stand that doesn’t compromise on stability, the DW 6500 has what you need. Whether you want the flush base for its vintage aesthetic or its low profile, space saving functionality this DW hi-hat stand will make sure your set up looks good and works well. With clever details like the offset direct pull action and locking clutch, this hi-hat stand is a piece of modern hardware with an old school look. Keep the functionality you need while reducing the weight of your hardware bag with the DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand.

DW 6500 Hi-Hat Stand Key Features:

  • Flush Base Design
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Offset Direct Pull Action
  • Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge
  • SM379 Locking Clutch
  • 2 x Upper Rods - 15” and 21!
  • ” Upper Tube
  • ¾” Base Tube
  • Height Range: 28” - 35”
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs


Weight (kg)3.6500
Warranty2 years
Series6000 Series

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